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Get an Internship
By Dr. Eileen Wirth
There’s no better way to test your choice of a major than getting an
internship even if you plan to go to graduate or professional school.
Because there’s a lot of confusion about internships, I’m including any job or
volunteer work that exposes you to what various fields are like. Whether you are
paid or not or get credit makes little difference. The goal is to discover what you like
or (almost equally important) what you don’t.
Some fields like Education and Nursing build such experiences into their
curricula by taking students to classrooms and clinical settings. After a semester of
observing and teacher aiding, you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether elementary
education is for you.
If you’re humanities or social science major, ask faculty members about
career opportunities. History majors might volunteer at a museum or a library.
Philosophy majors frequently go to law school so you might try a job as a messenger
at a law firm. Pre-med students have opportunities to shadow health professionals.
Seek help from Career Center staffers to discover links between majors and
various fields then write a resume and register with Jobs4Jays to connect with open
jobs. Consult with the Creighton Center for Service and Justice about volunteer
opportunities that might pave the way to careers in non-profits. Join major-related
student groups in your field that focus on career building. There are tons all over
campus, especially in applied fields like business.
A warning: interns start at the bottom and work their way up to more
interesting assignments. Don’t judge a field by what you are doing now but by
whether more senior positions interest you.
Internships – under whatever guise – can help you avoid facing graduation as
clueless about what you want to do as the day you took that freshman march down
the Mall.
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