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Hilary Meirovitch
Perspective Day 2
The student will:
1. Review the different strategies used by artists to create the illusion of space in an
artwork by participating in a class discussion.
2. Create an example of one-point perspective using shapes or letters.
Vocabulary: horizon line, vanishing point, atmospheric perspective, one and two-point
perspective, grid lines, value.
Aim: How can we create an illusion of depth in a drawing using one-point
Do now: A student volunteer will be asked to share (summarize) the two works of
art that were discussed in the previous days lesson. The rest of the class will add on
more information if they feel its necessary.
Demonstration: Teacher will repeat/review demonstration of how to begin their onepoint perspective drawings.
1. Students will take a piece of drawing paper, a pencil and a ruler.
2. They will create a horizon line across the middle of the page, horizontally.
3. Students will choose a place on the horizon line for their vanishing point.
4. Students will choose at least three shapes or letters to “explode”
5. Students will use the ruler to connect each corner to the vanishing point.
6. They will then mirror the shape father back on the line and create their three
dimensional letter/shape.
Art Studio:
Students will work individually to complete their one-point perspective drawings. They
will have the next two class periods to work on them. They will add color to the letters
when the foundation has been drawn.
Extensions/modifications: Students with special needs that are having a hard time
getting the concept will begin by using grid paper to make it more visual and clear to
them. Teacher will also give out supplementary materials to use to help. (Worksheets,
Assessment: Teacher will collect drawings at the end of the second period and will give
feedback on how to correctly drawing using one point perspective.
NYS Arts Standards:
Standard 1: Creating, Performing and Participating in the Arts Standard
2: Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources
NYC Benchmark for Learning
Students hone observation skills and discuss works of art; develop visual arts vocabulary to describe art
making, the tools and techniques used to produce art, and the elements and principles of design; read and
write about art to reinforce literacy skills; interpret artwork by providing evidence to support assertions;
reflect on the process of making art.
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