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How can Coaching help you?
Coaching will help you in raising your awareness level so that you can create
your solutions yourself (Current as well as future problems/issues).
You will be able to accomplish what you had always wanted to do.
It will help you in understanding and breaking your old patterns thus releasing
your past issues and problems.
It will help you in releasing your blockages, thus ensure success.
It will help you in increasing your self-awareness thus establishing a confidence
It will equip you in handling your own life thus making you self reliant.
The Process and how we do it
So let’s see how does it work:
1: Member will let coach know a brief about his issue/expectation while registering on
explara and seek an appointment with time slot/day/date. The request has to be made at
least 7 days prior to requested day/date.
2. The Coach will send confirmation or suggest alternate time/date within 48-72 hours to
sender member.
3. The member then will be able to connect with coach for a session of maximum 4560 minutes.
How the sessions will be held?
The sessions can be conducted in any of the following ways depending on your choice.
Face to Face:If the member is in Hyderabad or Coach is in the city of member, subject to
time availability member can have F2F session with coach. Member will have to travel
and meet the coach.
On Phone: If you cannot be physically present or travel, the session can be held over the
phone at the time scheduled foryou .
On line ( Skype Chat):Member can avail coaching through internet using Skype
What are the coaching days & time slots?
Members can book these sessions in 45-60 minutes slots available as under:
1. Every Saturday & Sunday
2. From 8 AM till 10 AM i.e. 8.00 am 9.00 am 2 slots both on Saturday and Sunday
(so in total, 4 slots in a week) from February 1, 2015 till April 30, 2015.
How much does it cost?
IAIP members will pay highly subsidized cost of Rs. 1,500 for one
hour session. For Non-Members, fees will be Rs. 10,000 for one
hour of session.
Each member will be entitiled to 2 subsidized sessions with Coach.
If member want to have more than 2 sessions with coach then
member will have to pay Rs. 10,000 as applicable to nonmembers.
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