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I am Love …
Spoken Word by J. Jondhi Harrell
If love could take human form and speak to us…this is what it would say……
Give your heart into my hand/for I am more than mortal man……. for I am love
I am the hope in a couple’s heart when the promises are over and the living
I’m a little boy guarding his sister home from school
I am family
friendship/discipline & rules
I am a father who labors day to day to instill in his children a sense of a better
I am the tear in a mother’s eye when the coffin is lowered and she says
I am kindness & consolation/ tenderness & consideration /I am truth &
For I am love
I’m the source of your strength when you have to be strong/ I am forgiveness
when you have done wrong/I am endurance when you’ve suffered so long
I am light, I am life I am evening’s sweet song…..for I am love
I cannot be trapped or caught…….but I can be learned or taught
I cannot be sold or bought……..but I can be found if sought
I am the softness of a woman’s touch…a simple smile that means so much
I’m the joy that shines from the eyes of a child
I’m the sound of passion raw & wild
I can cause you pain &
leave you in humiliation fill you with anger
I can steal your pride
or immerse you in degradation
make you surrender all dignity
I can leave you shattered broken down on your knees
I’m the jagged edges of the pain that tears your soul/ I’m the healing warmth
that restores and makes you whole/ I am joy and sorrow laughter and tears
fantasies & broken promises/ youthful dreams & wasted years
I’m the distant blur in a lonely stare
I’m the catch in your voice when you
raise it in prayer
I am the whisper of songz from your past
the answer to questions that you’ve
never asked
I walk in the memories of an old man close to death/ you can hear my heartbeat
in a baby’s first breath
mortal man
give your heart into my hand for I am far more than
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