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The prisoner of Zenda
Chapter “7”
1) Flavia received a letter from an unknown person. Illustrate.
Princess Flavia is one of the purest characters within the
novel. She loves Rudolf Rassendyll impersonating the king
however she doesn’t know that he is not the king. On the other
hand, Rassendyll tried more than once to reveal her the secret
however he couldn’t. Flavia didn’t love Rudolf the fifth however
she loved Rassendyll who she thought that he’s the king.
One day, Rudolf walked to the princess’s house to see
Princess Flavia. He found her giving him two letters. The first one
was from Duke Michael inviting her to visit his castle in Zenda to
view the garden. The second letter was from an unknown person
warning her to accept the invitation from the Duke. When Flavia
showed the letter to Rudolf he recognized Antoinette De Mauban
Finally, Flavia thought it was a joke however Rudolf
assured that it isn’t and he urged her to do what the letter says
and not to accept Duke Michael’s invitation. Flavia knew that it is
something that would drive Duke Michael’s anger however Rudolf
assured to Flavia that as long as she’s safe he would have the
enough strength to defeat Michael.
2) What did Princess Flavia say to Rudolf that made him very happy?
Princess Flavia is supposed to be the future Queen of
Ruritania however she didn’t feel that she loves the king nor the
king loves her. She felt that their affair is just part of the king’s
duty. However, after impersonating the king, Flavia began to fall
in Rassendyll’s love thinking that he’s the king.
After the dancing ball which was organized by Sapt, to
please the people of Ruritania that at last the king has taken a
move, Rudolf and Flavia went to a small private room. They were
alone for the first time. In this very moment Flavia asked Rudolf if
he really loves her or it’s just out of duty. Rudolf replied then that
he loves her more than anything. Flavia confessed then that she
loves him now and that she didn’t love him before which is the
thing which made Rudolf feel happy as he became sure that he’s
the one who won her heart not the real king.
Finally, Flavia laughed on the fact that Rudolf is happy
to hear that now she loves him and that she didn’t love him
before. In this very moment Rudolf felt that he wants to convey
everything and tell Flavia that he’s not the king and that he really
loves her however he was interrupted by Sapt who heard the
whole conversation.
3) Who interrupted Rudolf’s conversation with the Princess and
Colonel Sapt is the one who interrupted Rudolf’s
conversation with the princess. Sapt has been Rudolf’s guardian
angel since the beginning of the novel. He backed him up in
everything, since the day of coronation till now.Sapt is considered
to be one of the most loyal ones to the king. He didn’t want Duke
Michael to seize the throne and consequently, he was the one
who suggested that Rudolf should impersonate the king to save
the situation.
When Flavia and Rudolf were sitting alone in the
private room, Rudolf confessed his love to Flavia and Flavia
confessed her love as well. Flavia told Rudolf that she began to
love him since the coronation and that before then she didn’t love
him as she felt that the king’s love to her is just out of
duty.Rassendyll got very happy after knowing that Flavia loves
him not the king. Rassendyll loved Flavia to a great extent that he
wanted to reveal everything for her and tell her their secrets
however Sapt interrupted their conversation as he was listening
to the conversation from the window and he didn’t want
Rassendyll to convey their secret.
Finally, this has been Sapt’s role since the beginning
of the novel which is to save the situation. He reminded Rudolf of
his duty to save the king’s throne against Duke Michael in order
not to seize the throne.
4)”You’re the finest Elphberg of them all “
Sapt said these words to Rudolf Rassendyll when they
were sitting alone having a conversation. Although Rassendyll seemed
to be careless and irresponsible in the beginning of the novel, he has
changed a lot since he began to impersonate the king. He began to be
responsible and caring. However, it was so hard for him at the same
time as he truly loved Flavia, it wasn’t just a duty or a role is trying to
play well.
After Rudolf and Flavia confessed their love to one
another, Rudolf felt frustrated that he loves Flavia however he cannot
tell her their secret. Afterwards, he had a conversation with Sapt as
Rudolf told Sapt about the dangerous situation they’re facing which is
that he loves Flavia to an extent which makes him think sometimes to
forget his duty and forget everything and just marry Flavia leaving the
king to rot in Zenda.Sapt then reminded him of being an honorable man
and that he won’t do that. Sapt told him that he’s a real Elphberg with
the features of them which are being a noble, responsible and an
honorable man.
Finally, Rudolf told Sapt that they must act quickly and
bring the king back and he suggested then going to Zenda to save the
king. Sapt felt so proud of Rudolf praising him to be one of the finest
Elphbergs and then they decided to go to Zenda to bring the real king
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