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Урок в 9-м классе по теме "Телевидение. За и против"
Основные задачи урока:
формировать лексические навыки;
учить строить аргументированное высказывание.
развивать навык чтения и восприятия речи на слух;
развивать способности к логическому изложению содержания
высказывания, к формулированию выводов из прочитанного и
воспитывать терпимое отношение к мнению других людей, умение
работать в группах;
учить вести дискуссию.
Оборудование урока: учебник Афанасьева,Михеева "Новый курс
английского языка для российских школ",раздаточный материал,
Технологии и методики, использованные на уроке :групповые
I. Начало урока. Постановка задач
At our previous lesson we spoke about the role of television. Today we are going to discuss the
advantages and disadvantages of TV. So our today’s topic is “Television: for and against”. (На
предыдущем уроке мы говорили о роли телевидения. Сегодня мы обсудим достоинства и
недостатки телевидения. Итак,наша тема сегодня:»Телевидение: за и против»
II. Речевая зарядка. Мозговой штурм
* First try to define what television is. (For example, TV is a wonderful source of information.)(Для
начала попытайтесь дать определение телевидению)
* And now look at the board, read some verbs and be ready to speak about some functions of TV(А
теперь взгляните на доску,прочтите глаголы и ,используя их,составьте предложения о функциях
* The next task is in your cards. Match the words and their definitions.(След задание в ваших
карточках. Соедините слова с их определениями)
A serial
to broadcast
an advert
to connect
of things
to show on TV
people who watch TV
a serial consisting of several or many parts
to match two different parts
a short clip telling us about the advantages of things
III. Аудирование
You will hear three opinions about television.(вы услышите 3 мнения о телевидении)
1. Find out which of these belongs to a teacher, a pupil, and a politician.(Определите,кто из говорящих
учитель,ученик и политик)
2. What’s their opinion on the following? Fill in the chart.(какого их мнение по поводу.. заполните
First speaker
Second speaker . Third speaker
Television (in general)
Different programmes
Текст для аудирования
1) Television is a great way to learn. It’s easier than reading a book. I wish we could watch more
television at school. But on the whole, most telly programmes are rubbish, too serious. Television
should be entertaining, you know, fun. I wish there were more police shows and sports. And more
adverts, too.
2) Television is the best in the world. We have a lot of variety and good quality. We try to entertain and
educate. That’s why so many television programmes are exported. We need more channels and more
broadcasting. Up to 20 hours a day, for example.
3) The kids come home and turn on the box. Parents have no control. And some of the programmes are
really violent. There are terrible problems with reading and writing. Kids don’t read books any more.
They spend a lot of time just sitting and watching the telly.
3. Проверка выполнения заданий.
IV. Чтение
* Let’s divide into two groups. You should read the text” TV or not TV” and the task for group № 1 is to
copy out the arguments for TV for group №2 is to copy out the arguments against TV.(Давайте
разделимся на две группы. Вы прочтете текст «Tv or not tv»,задание для группы 1-выписать
аргументы за телевидение, а для группы 2-против)
Text” TV or not TV”
Television plays a very important role in people’s lives. It’s a wonderful source of information and one of
the best ways to spend free time. Television viewing is the most popular leisure pastime. It’s not
surprising, because TV channels show a great variety of programmes: documentaries and current affairs,
feature films and comedies, soaps and police series, concerts and talk shows. Television is a reflection of
the modern world. It gives you an opportunity to travel all over the world, to see different people and to
learn about their customs and traditions. Television keeps you informed about the rest of the world. It
also helps to escape from our everyday problems. A lot of people usually relax watching soaps. Their
story lines are entertaining, but often unbelievable. I don’t think that they show life realistically. But to
many people, the characters in the TV serial have become more important than real people. Of course,
not everything shown on TV is made in good taste. There are badly-written programmes that contain
unnecessary bad language and violence. Another thing I would like to complain about is the amount of
smoking in the films that are shown on TV. Smoking is often shown as a very “cool” thing to do, making
young people take up smoking themselves. Many people admit that the quality of television could be
better. One reason for the poor quality of programmes is advertising. Not all people like watching
commercials. They find ads silly and boring. But I am not against commercials on TV, because television
companies get most of their money from advertising. Some people say that television is a terrible waste
of time. Of course, there are TV addicts who can’t drag themselves away from the box. But if we watch
TV for an hour a day, to find out what is happening in the world or to relax, then television is really
useful. So I think we should not blame the TV for the bad effects it has. We must know how to make the
best use of it.
*Let’s check up what you have done. (Давайте посмотрим,что у вас получилось)
* Add your own reasons for positive and negative sides of television.(Добавьте свои причины
положительного или отрицательного отношения)
V. Развитие навыков говорения (дискуссия)
Now let`s divide in 3 groups.
I want the first group to comment on the following quotation: “All television is educational
television. The only question is, what is it teaching?”(Nicholas Johnson)
The second group comment onTV is proof that people are willing to watch anything, but would
not look at each other.( Ann Landers)
To educate is to develop immunity to the television.( Marshall McLuhan)
Разделимся на 3 группы
Первая группа, прокомментируйте цитату: «Телевидение всегда обучает. Вопрос лишь в
том,чему? Второй группе достается цитата Телевидение служит доказательством того, что
люди готовы смотреть все что угодно, лишь бы не смотреть друг на друга.Третья группа
прокомментирует цитату «Воспитывать-значит развивать невосприимчивость к телефидению)
Try to use the phrases expressing opinions(Используйте эти фразы для выражения мнения)
* I suppose
* In my opinion
* To my mind
* I personally think
* You could be right, but I…
* I am sorry, but I can’t agree with you
* Yes, I agree with you, but on the other hand…
* I am afraid I’m not of the same opinion
Выступление ответственных, дополнение другими учащимися.
2. And now work in pairs; be ready to give some advice to our TV viewers.(А теперь поработайте в
паре. Будте готовы дать советы нашим телезрителям)
VI. Домашнее задание
* Put down the composition”Television in my life”, according to the plan(Напишите сочинение на тему
«Телевидение в моей жизни,согласно плану:
1. Introduction. State the problem. (вступление,постановка проблемы)
2. Arguments for. Аргументы за)
3. Arguments against. (аргументы против)
4. Conclusion.(заключение,выводы)
VII.Подведение итогов урока
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