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We like English
Цели: Расширить рамки языкового общения, развитие способности
работать в коллективе, воспитание любви и интереса к иностранному языку.
к классической музыке.
Совершенствование навыков выразительного рассказывания стихотворения.
Вед.1 Good day, guests, teachers, and students of our college. You are welcome
to our English party. We are very glad to see you too!
Вед.2 Добрый день дорогие гости. Мы рады вас приветствовать на нашем
открытом заседании английского клуба « Happy English» Now let’s open our
party with a good song Дойникова Татьяна «We found love»
Our party will be continued by a dance and poem.
Вед.2 Pleasant, sunny month of May,
Hurry quickly, don't delay,
Grow red flowers and green glass
And make us happy, all of us!
Куатбаева Дана и Куатбаева Диана «Be my friend»
Take my hand and walk with me,
Be my friend and talk to me,
We can talk of many things.
How me feel when a songbird sings,
We`ll talk quietly my friend.
There is so much to talk about.
How we help our mummies too,
They have so much work to do.
Take my hand and walk with me,
Be my friend and talk to me.
Вед.1 Let us dance together,
Give your hand to me,
We will make a circle
Dancing merrily.
Listen to the music,
What a happy sound!
Let us sing together,
As we dance around
With beautiful song Херчиева Патимат «This is me»
There is time to plant and time to pull up
There is time to kill and time to heal.
There is time to destroy and time to build.
There is time to cry and time to laugh.
There is time to love and time to hate.
There is time to be sad and time to dance.
Шейфель Вероника «Life is»
Life is a song - sing it.
Life is a game - play it.
Life is a challenge - meet it.
Life is a dream - realize it.
Life is a sacrifice - offer it.
Life is love - enjoy it.
ВЕД1.Let’s meet Мукажанова Динара, Мукажанова Данара , Едигарева
Надежда.( « Lazy tailor» название сценки.)
Вед.1 Deep in the woods a song I hear
A robin is singing «Spring is here!»
Then, at my feet, a violet blue
Is quietly saying: I’m blooming for you.
Вед.1 Херчиева Патимат with wonderful song…
Вед.2 Spring is coming
All around is fair,
Shimmer, quiver on the river,
Joy is everywhere.
Жатиш Ризагуль «You know»
You know? The world is very big,
But also tight from time to time!
That cause the vice and other kings
Have weakly souls and brightly crowns.
That cause we lie my dear friend.
Don't speak! don't speak-I know us well...
We tell and tell with views a wise,
Repeat repeating fairy tale...
Вед.1 This is the season
When birds make their nest,
This is the season
We all like best.
Let’s meet Дойникова Татьяна with beautiful song «»
Thank you for your attention!!!
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