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AS Religious Studies Paper 2: Abortion
Easter vacation 2010
Easter Vacation Work for RS Paper 2: Abortion
During the holiday you will need to complete your investigation of Paper 2 medical ethics topic:
abortion. There are three components to this, which should amount to about 5 hours of your
holiday work total. The work is as follows:
1.) Reading and research. Complete your reading of the departmental study guide. Check that
you understand everything and write down anything you are unsure of, so that you can ask
your teacher when you get back. The anthology texts at the back are optional, but the piece
by Hursthouse is definitely worth a look. Also, check media (online, newspapers, TV) for
coverage of abortion and make a note of anything which seems interesting or could provide
an example for your essay. (2 hours)
2.) Review work. You will find attached a review table, which asks you to fill in your
understanding of key issues and scholars. You need to complete this table, checking the
study guide to find the information you need. (1 hour)
3.) Essay plan. You will need to write a detailed essay plan for your topic, assuming quite a
broad / general question. For the exam, you may need to tweak your plan to make sure that
you answer the question, but you still need to start planning now. Eventually, you will write
up a draft of your essay. You have been given an essay frame to help you with this; make
sure that this is complete and detailed. You may find that your review work (2) will provide
some material which you can simply transfer into the plan. (2 hours)
Please also make sure that you get plenty of rest; have an enjoyable break!
AS Religious Studies Paper 2: Abortion
Easter vacation 2010
ESSAY PLAN – Describe and evaluate a significant moral controversy in medical ethics,
with reference to a topic which you have investigated [50 marks]
Introduction: your topic (abortion), definition, methods used, factual background
Address the question: why is abortion controversial? Examples, your argument, address the question
Religious problems in abortion: sketch out approx. 5 topic paragraphs with evaluation here
AS Religious Studies Paper 2: Abortion
Easter vacation 2010
Philosophical problems and scholarship on abortion: approx. 5 topic paragraphs with evaluation here
Conclusion: re-state your perspective on abortion, or what you think is most important in the debate. Re-state
your main evaluative points from above and sum up the position taken in the essay. Can the abortion
controversy be resolved?
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