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Science Direct
The Science direct database will give you access to the full text of articles in over 1800
journals. It covers most subject areas so it is useful to search this database if you need
to make sure that you have not missed any key articles.
Select the search button.
Clicking on the journal tab will narrow your search to items published in journals.
Enter your terms in the search box.
Type your first term in one box and enter your next term in the second box.
It’s a good idea to select your subject area from the list of subjects. This will narrow the
search to exclude areas that are not of relevance. You may also wish to select the
type of document you require.
The date range here can also be changed here. When you are ready click on search.
If you have found too many articles you can add an additional word to narrow down
your results.
Once you have found your results you can see if the full text is available by checking
for this green icon. Click PDF to view the full text.
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