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Podbean is one of several websites that let you host podcasts. To use Podbean, you will
have to register for an account. The basic free account has 100MB of storage and a
5GB monthly bandwidth. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the main page of
Podbean. You can start publishing podcasts by clicking the blue Publish a Podcast
button. But first, let’s take a look at your profile page by clicking My Profile or your
account name highlighted in red below.
You should now see the profile page below. From here you can invite friends, manage
your subscriptions, access your messages, change account settings, and access your
site dashboard.
To start publishing, click the My Dashboard button to access your dashboard.
UW Bothell Learning Technologies | web: | Last Edited 21 June 2010 by Eric Shen
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Your dashboard is the central control panel for your podcast site; it is separate from your
profile page. Your site is like a channel or audio blog where you can upload podcasts in
sequential order and organize them for others to view as well as a weblog where you
can also share your thoughts in text about the podcasts. The screenshot below shows a
typical dashboard.
1) View site allows you to view the site
2) Publish a new show allows you to upload a new podcast
3) Set site configuration allows you to set your site’s options including title, e-mail,
copyright, and privacy.
4) Invite friends to view your podcast. You will need to invite friends in order to view
private podcats.
5) The Settings brings you to the same site configuration tool. Statistics shows you
your site’s views and comments.
6) These links sends you to your Account and Profile.
Now that you know how to navigate the site and perform different actions, let’s publish
our first podcast. Click on the Publish button or Publish a new show link to begin. You
will be taken to an upload page where you can give your podcast a title, add some text
describing your podcast, and organize your podcasts with tags and categories.
The preferred file format to upload is an mp3 file. While other files will work, this is the
most widely used format for audio files and is also iPod compatible.
UW Bothell Learning Technologies | web: | Last Edited 21 June 2010 by Eric Shen
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When you have finished filling in the form, you can save the post for later or if you’re
ready to publish, click the Publish button. You will receive a confirmation that your
podcast and post have been uploaded. You can now visit your site to see your podcast.
UW Bothell Learning Technologies | web: | Last Edited 21 June 2010 by Eric Shen
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To make your site and podcasts private so that only people you authorize can view
them, go back to your Dashboard. Click on the Site Configuration link and check the
radio button under Channel Privacy so that the site is visible to Friends Only.
Now that your site is private, you must invite people so that they can view your site. Go
back to the dashboard and click on Invite Friends and enter the e-mails of the people
who you want to authorize access to your site.
UW Bothell Learning Technologies | web: | Last Edited 21 June 2010 by Eric Shen
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