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«Знаменитые спортивные события Британии»
Цель: Знакомство со знаменитыми спортивными событиями страны
изучаемого языка.
Познавательная: ознакомить с видами спорта страны изучаемого языка,
ознакомиться с лексикой по теме.
Учебная : научить работать над компьютерными презентациями.
Практическая: научить применять знания на уроке и во внеурочное время.
Воспитательная: воспитывать чувство уважения к спортивным событиям
страны изучаемого языка.
Оснащение: компьютер, проектор, презентации обучающихся.
Х о д у р о к а:
The teacher greets the pupils.
Актуализация знаний:
Let’s start the lesson with associations. On the blackboard you can see the
word SPORT .Your associations, please. (Pupils name people, places,
equipment, etc.). Can you guess what we are going to talk about today?
Right, about sport. By the end of the lesson you will have learned about:
 Famous British sporting events,
 The time and place of these events,
 The number of participants,
 What else people can do except doing and watching sport,
 Celebrities’ attitude to these events.
Создание проблемной ситуации:
Nick is going to tell you about the British and their attitude to sport.
(Suggested answer: The British are a sport-loving nation. Both young and
old people are sportsmen. Many sports and games were born in Britain:
football, cricket, soccer, rugby, tennis, squash, badminton, canoeing and
snooker were invented in Britain. Boxing , golf, hockey, yachting, horseracing also originated from Britain, etc.)
Самостоятельное открытие знаний:
You see that the British like sport and competitions. From ex.1, page 39
you will learn about world famous competitions. Listen and follow in your
books. While listening underline unusual facts which impressed you a lot.
Answer the questions of ex. 2, page 39.
Now tell me what these figures stand for:
competitors must be students at Oxford or Cambridge University
km – Marathon distance
40,000 people take part in the Marathon
300,000 people buy tickets to watch the races
28,000 kilos of strawberries and
liters of ice cream are sold.
T. Now a minute of relaxation. Let’s organize our own competition. On the
blackboard you can see a tongue twister. Who will read it better than the
Give papa a cup of proper coffee in a copper coffee cup.
Применение новых знаний:
I want you to fill in the tables in your exercise-books. Let us see what you
knew before reading the text, what you have learned and what else you
would like to know.
I knew
I have learned
I want to know
T. Max has got some extra information about famous British sport events.
He’ll show you a computer presentation. Maybe it will help you learn
something new about Britain.
T. Now you know a lot about sport events in Britain. Read the sentences
and change the words using suffixes and prefixes.
Britain does not often produce sportsmen who are successful in world
(CHAMPION), but it has been good at inventing sports. In towns and cities
space for team sport is (LIMIT). To keep fit, most people take part in
individual sports. They (USUAL) go walking, swimming or cycling. Taking
part in all these sports is (FORMAL) and relaxing. Although many British
people want to be (HEALTH), not many people do very much about it. A
recent study proved that many people were not as active as they thought
and (CORRECT) believed that they did enough exercise to keep fit.
Now look at the blackboard. At the beginning of the lesson I wrote some
aims for us to achieve. Let us see what we have learned today. Answer my
1. What famous British sporting events do you know?
2. When and where are they held?
3. How many people take part in them?
4. What else do people do except watching events?
5. Do celebrities participate in these events?
(Pupils answer the questions)
Домашнее задание. Творческое:
Our lesson is over. Thanks for being active at the lesson. Your marks are…
Your homework is creative. Make a computer presentation about great
Russian sporting events.
Использованная литература
1. Английский в фокусе 10 класс (Афанасьева О.В., Дули Д., Михеева И.В.
и др.) Москва «Просвещение» 2008
2. Mission: FC1, FC2. Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley .Express Publishing
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