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Assessment Questions for Tic Tac Toe
Question #1 (Easy)- What determines the location of the fossil? How would you indicate how old the
fossil is by the layer in which it was drawn? Why did you draw the fossil in this certain
Question #2 (Moderate)- Why did you choose the material you did to make a fossil? What physical
features did you observe that would not make an impression for the fossil imprint?
Question #3 (Advanced)- What information did you find about the fossil and how did the scientist
publish his findings? What did the fossil indicate about the environment in which it was found? What
type of evacuation process was used to uncover the fossil?
Question #4-(Advanced) What did you learn by keeping a journal for 1 week on fossils? Do you think
a journal format for vocabulary, notes, research and an internet activity was a good way to learn? List
3 facts about the internet activity you found and how it relates to the vocabulary and notes you have
already recorded about fossils.
Question #5-(Advanced) What materials and research did you and your partner use to make this
experiment for the class? Did you remember to include the steps of the scientific method? (Problem,
Research Hypothesis, Experiment, Data, and Conclusion) You must have procedures (steps) as well
Question #6-(Easy) What type of poetry did you decide to construct for your fossil? What steps did
you do in order to make your information on your fossil conform to this style of poetry? Where did
you locate the information on your fossil?
Question #7-(Advanced/ FREE SPACE) How did you decide to create a “something new?” What
resources did you use and list 5 facts that you learned by doing an independent based project? Did
you encounter any obstacles and if so list them and tell me what you would do differently if you
decided on this project next time?
Question #8-(Moderate) What information did your parent or grandparent tell you regarding what
they remembered about fossils? How did their teacher or resources prepare them for the learning
about fossils? List 3 facts about the fossil they told you about and why they remembered it until this
Question #9-(Advanced) How did you decide on the setting for your broadcast? Discuss the name you
chose for the new fossil (genus and species) and list at least 5 characteristics (physical) that your fossil
has and why the “once upon a time” living organism is now a fossil remain. (Discuss location and
environmental conditions that occurred to this organism and why it is now a fossil).
Question #10-(Moderate) How did you determine what the bones once belonged to? What problems
did you encounter with what makes a good imprint/ fossil or not? What fossil/imprint was the
hardest to sketch and why?
Question #11-(Easy) How did you decide to make this word search/puzzle? What resource did you use
to construct this puzzle or word search? You must include hints or definitions in order to work the
puzzle/ word search and you should have at least 10 definitions.
Question #12-(Advanced) you must use at least 5 different websites in order to construct this web
quest. How did you decide on which websites to use and how did you construct your questions in
order to make sure that your fellow peers could locate the information once they went to this
website? Did you copy and paste screen shots to help the students find the information?
Question #13-(Easy) What 5 facts did you find about fossils that have already been found? What fossil
was the most interesting to you and why? Why do you think it is important for scientists to uncover
fossils? What can a fossil tell us about the life of the organism?
Question #14-(Moderate) Why did you choose this particular video to show to your peers? Which of
the 10 questions did you find to be the most difficult to write? List 2 facts you learned from doing this
video/ question project.
Question #15-(Advanced) How did you decide to write the story about your fossil from a first person
perspective? What research did you do in order to write this creative story about your fossils’ life? Did
you feel as if you were being “unearthed” when you were rediscovered as a fossil?
Question #16-(Easy) Did you look and research the layout of a newspaper? Why did you lay out the
“news” about your fossil in the way in which you did? What 2 important facts did you learn when you
constructed the proper place/ heading/ and information for your fossil in a newspaper format?
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