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Best Event
This category will be judged on the information you provide on this form
& any supporting information submitted
1. Event/Project Title:
2. Please give a brief summary of the event (approximately 50 words):
3. Organisation:
4. Contact Name:
5. Contact Address:
6. Contact Telephone Number:
7. Contact Email Address:
8. Date (s) when the event took place:
9. Please describe how this event improved access to your site and/or collections:
10. Please attach a description of your event (of no more than 500 words) including
photos. Please see overleaf for the points that your description should cover.
11. Please include any supporting materials that you feel supports your entry. This may
include photographs; press releases or publicity materials and feedback from users/visitors
Guidance notes for the completion of this form
1. Event/Project Title
Please give a brief title of your event.
2. Event Summary
Please give a brief summary (no more than 50 words) of your event. You will have an
opportunity to submit a fuller description later.
3. Organisation
Please tell us the name of the organisation that organised/was responsible for the event.
4. Contact name
Please tell us the name of the most appropriate person in the organisation who can talk
about the event.
5. Contact address
Please give us an address where we can write to the named contact if necessary.
6. Contact telephone number
Please give us a phone number for the main contact.
7. Contact email address
Please give us an email address for the main contact, if possible.
8. Date (s) when your event took place
Please tell us the date your event (s) took place.
9. Please describe how this event improved access to your site and/or collections
This could include physical or sensory access, such as improving access for people with
visual or hearing impairments; improved signage; welcoming a new audience or underrepresented groups; encouraging feedback, interpretation, leaflets and signs in plain English.
Increasing access to the collections could also be through providing access to collections in
storage, loans to other organisations, handling collections, on-line resources, temporary
exhibitions, learning resources, outreach and collection tours.
10. Please attach a description of your event
Please ensure that your description is not more than 500 words. Your description should
cover the following points:
 The aims of the event and how these were met
 Where your received support from (e.g. volunteers, help in kind, community support)
 Educational benefits of your event
 Publicity and marketing of the event
 Who was involved in the event?
 Your target audience
 How the event was funded (including the overall cost of the event)
 Problems encountered and how these were overcome
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