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Pop Quiz- Land Biomes
1. This biome is frozen for most of the year. It is found above the Arctic Circle.
It is known as the _______________________________.
2. The frozen soil at this biome is several layers thick and not much plant life can be found
in this biome as it is treeless and the only plants have a very poor root system. This soil
that is found in this cold biome is known as __________________________.
3. This biome is where Georgia is found! It is the biome of extremes. We have our seasons,
Spring, Winter, Summer and Fall. There is all kind of plant life and animal life here and
they live together for the most part without conflict or competition. This biome is
known as the _____________________________________________________.
4. The word ___________________________ means that this biome has trees that lose
their leaves and the plant will flower later. Several of the trees from this biome change
colors in the fall.
5. This biome has several different names, depending on where it is located. It is basically
made up of all kind of grasses. Fires happen in this biome a lot due to the drought,
however there are a few areas that is biome is in that actually has monsoon type of
rains as well. This biome is known as ________________________________.
6. The other “names” for the biome listed in #5 are _______________________ ( which is
found in Asia) _________________________________which is found in North and
South Dakota, and ______________________________ and the ___________________
7. This type of grassland is called the __________________________ as it is found in parts
of Africa, India, and South America. Several ___________________ which are plant
eating animals like the zebra and elephants live in this biome. This biome has scattered
trees and seasonal rains.
8. Lions, panters, and leopards are known as ________________ because they are meat
9. If an animal can eat plants as well as animals then it is known as being an
10. This biome receives the most rainfall of any biome and it is the medicine cabinet of the
world. It has the most diverse population of plants and animals and there are two
different kinds of this biome. One is found near the equator and it is known as the
______________________________________________________ and the other is
characterized as having a variety of temperatures or slight seasons. It is known as the
11. This is the driest biome. It has less than 10 inches of rainfall a year and the average
temperature in the summer is over 100 degrees. It is home to the cactus, poisonous
snakes, and a lot of nocturnal animals. This biome is known as the _______________.
Tell me what you know…..
1. There are two types of tundra. List the 2 types and explain the difference between the
2. What is meant by the term “treeline?”
3. What are the 2 other names for the Taiga?
4. Describe the difference between the Taiga and the Temperate Deciduous Forest.
5. There are 7 biomes of the world. What is a biome? How would you define a biome?
6. Define the terms biotic and abiotic. List an example of each term for the biome known as
the tropical rain forest.
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