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Today is Australia Day or as many call it
“STRAYA DAY” . Probably THE most important
international event of the year. Get excited!
To celebrate this fantastic national holiday,
catering are providing a barbie, so jump on your
kangaroos, and get around it!!
Australia Day is celebrated with a day off work
and school, picnics in the park, barbies, visits to
the beach, watching sports and many
spectacular public firework displays in each
major city. This national holiday brings people
together as most people contribute and
celebrate in one way or another.
Celebrated annually on 26 January, it marks the
anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First
Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South
Along with the first fleet, many others arrived in
bays all around Australia.
The indigenous Aboriginal population call this
Invasion Day and regard it as a day of mourning
as it represents a time when their lands were
taken and their freedom restricted. Although it
is official, it is a very festive occasion.
Citizenship ceremonies often happen on this
day, welcoming new immigrants who have been
awarded Australian citizenship to the country.
Australia day in the words of an Aussie
G'day Mate,
Well, what a beaut site you have here it's a real
bonza! Pop over and throw a few snags & chops
on the barbie, knock a few coldies down, bring
the softies for the ankle biters, blonk your butt
and have a natter, it will be a ripper of a day....
You li'le beauty...
See ya mate
Well you have a great time, it’s terrific. Come on
over and through a few sausages and lamb
chops on the BBQ, have a few cold beers, wine
or alcohol, bring the soft drinks for the children,
sit down and have a great chat.... it will be the
best of days,
You are a fine gentleman,
See you later
Have a ripper,
Will F and Will S
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