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1. This hat is too small for me. I need a (BIG) one.
2. I'm sorry, this is the (big) size we have.
3. Tom is always smiling. He is (happy) person I know.
4. This exercise is (difficult) than the one we did last year.
5. It is(easy) to walk to work than drive my car.
6. The Empire State Building is (tall) building in NY.
Paul is five years (young) than Mary.
8. He is (old) child in our family.
9. People in the countryside are (friendly) than people in the city.
10. These suitcases are heavy, but this one is (heavy) of all.
11. Ann is (beautiful) girl I know.
12. Gold is (expensive) than silver.
13. This book is (good) than that one.
14. I have (little) mistakes in my test than my friend.
15. Empire State Building offers (good) view of New York
16. Alice is (pretty) girl in our class.
17. This is (nice) picture I have ever seen.
18. She is (beautiful) than her sister.
19. Sydney is (large) city in Australia.
20. She is (popular) singer in the USA.
21. They are (good) films I have ever seen.
22. It was (bad) mistake I’ve ever made.
23. The Nile is (long) river in North America.
24. It is (happy) day in my life.
25. This hotel is (cheap) than that one.
26. Everest is (high) mountain in the world.
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