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National University «Odessa Academy of Law» and the South Regional Center of
the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine announces
on the occasion of World Children's Day
International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference on the topic:
Deadline – November 20, 2013 (inclusively)
(publication of the conference proceedings and its registration in the universal
international classifier ISBN is expected).
The purpose of the conference:
The scientific debate about the status, objectives and functions of juvenile law
in the modern legal systems, state functioning in the area of child welfare and
protection of children's rights in order to provide recommendations for the
improvement of law-making and law enforcement agencies.
Dear lawyers – academics and practice!
We invite you to collaboration on web pages of our conference. The
conference will allow you to publish the results of your research to make their
testing and get feedback on them, exchange views with experts in the area of
juvenile law.
Abstracts sent by you will be posted on the site in the appropriate sections of
the conference and will be available for review and discussion of all Internet users.
Archiving and preservation of the conference as a web resource provides
further indexing of the results of scientific achievements in your scientific search
and an active Internet conference will promote your desired image.
Following the conference its results will be published that will realize
opinions and views of all its members.
Planned work on the sections:
1. Theoretical Aspects of juvenalistics .
2. History of child protection and state child welfare;
3. Constitutional and international legal aspects of child welfare and child
4. Children’s rights in national law and juvenile justice.
Participation in the conference and the publication of abstracts
To participate in the conference, please send the following data an email to
the organizing committee:
1. completed application (application form can be downloaded online
______________ )
2. abstract ;
3. scanned electronic copy of proof of payment of the registration fee and
postage costs for sending a collection of abstracts;
4. if the author has no degree served scanned color copy of the duly executed
and certified by review of abstracts ( reviewer - PhD or PhD ) or an extract from
the minutes of the relevant department ( department ) on the recommendation of
abstracts for publication (the originals of these documents are stored the author).
The file name should match the author's last name for example :
E-mail of the Organizing Committee:
Requirements for abstracts of scientific reports :
• Volume - 3 to 6 pages, font Times New Roman, 14 pt , 1.5 spacing, margins
20 mm;
• Languages – Ukrainian, Russian and English ;
• above the center – the title of abstract in capital letters, the interval below –
name, degree, rank, position, author’s job or study position. Following the interval
printed text;
• a list of sources is made (as a link to them) at the end of the text. The text of
the links given in square brackets , as in [ 4, p. 89-90 ];
• Text should be checked and corrected completely.
Example of :
Surname, name, patronymic,
academic degree, academic rank,
job or study position text
Financial aspects
The registration fee for posting on the website and publication of abstracts in
the conference proceedings is 25 UAH for each (complete or incomplete) page of
abstract. The cost of sending a copyright copy of conference collection within
Ukraine is 20 UAH.
Pricing and shipping each additional copy of conference collection is 30 USD.
For participants from other countries the registration fee is 3 USD per each
(complete or incomplete) page of abstract. Pricing and sending a copy of
conference materials is 10 USD. Pricing and shipping each additional copy of
conference materials is 15 USD.
Details for payment of the registration fee
For participants from Ukraine – bank transfer (payment):
Estimate (transit) account 29244825509100 CB “PrivatBank”
MFO 305299
OKPO code 14360570
Purpose of payment: Payment card account 4405 8858 2032 8729
Krestovskaya Natalia.
In the payment you can specify the name of the participant (optional).
For foreign participants – money order to the same card:
Payment systems : Western Union; MoneyGram; PrivatMoney; UNIStream;
Elecsnet; Coinstar (Travelex); Anelik , Golden Crown .
The conference participants consider the following !
- Upon receipt of these materials committee must respond to your letter of
confirmation of receipt of materials.
- To participate in the conference accepted materials not previously published.
Submitted materials must be carefully proofread because no additional editing .
The contents of abstracts are their authors and reviewers . Co-authored - not
more than two authors. Name of the section in which you want to place the abstract
, the author indicated in the application.
Coordinates of the Organizing Committee
Address: 65009, Odessa, Ukraine, Fontans'ka road, 23 National University
“Odessa Academy of Law” (the person in charge Krestovska Natalia ). Phone: +38
097 236 257 4
E-mail: [email protected]
We look forward to your participation !
Sincerely, Organizing Committee
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