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February 16- February 28
STEP 1: Stop by Student Services and pick up your 2014-15 AP Bulletin for
Students and Parents.
STEP 2: You must register and schedule online for your exams
Students will be registering for AP exams online using Total Registration. This can be done from
any computer with an internet connection. To register for AP Exams, please visit Be sure to answer all questions.
When filling out the form, select all your exams you will be taking and the appropriate teachers.
You will not be able to come back and edit this registration at a later date.
When you reach the confirmation page print two copies - one for your records and the other to
return to Student Services by the end of day on Monday, March 2, 2105.
STEP 3: Fees for the AP Exams
This year, the Department of Public Instruction will be paying the AP exam fees for all students
who wish to take the AP Exam. Only students who are in the AP course may have their AP exams
paid for by the state.
Please know if you register for an exam and then you do not take the exam, you will be charged a
$15 no show fee. This fee is charged by Collegeboard and neither the state, nor SHS will pay this
fee for you. Additionally, please be sure you check your calendar and only register for exams that
you know you can take. If you decide you have to take a late exam, you will have to pay a $45 late
testing fee. Again, this is a fee charged by Collegeboard that you will be responsible for if you
choose not to test on the date for which you have registered.
Important Dates: Registration begins on February 16 and ends February 28. There is no late
Your confirmation page must be returned to Mrs. Carpino in Sanderson School Student Services
Department by the end of the day on Monday, March 2, 2015.
If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Carpino at [email protected]
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