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Advanced Composition and Literature
Mrs. Forman
Office D9
I can write an argumentative essay that helps another reader get smarter and more
powerful by creating text that teaches them about a topic that matters to me.(W11-12.1 ae)
o I can ask questions that are powerful and help me dig deeper (research) into a
topic and/or a text. (W11-12.7)
o I can use my knowledge of important and relevant parts of text to answer good
questions and synthesize text. (W11-12.9)
o I can find and take notes from multiple sources that will help me to answer my
inquiry questions and help me establish my claim. (W11-12.8)(RI 11-12.2, 3, 4, &
 I can gather and analyze more information to complete my inquiry.
 I can acknowledge and respond to possible alternate or counterclaims.
(W11-12.a & b)
o I can put my learning into my own words.(RI 11-12.7)(W11-12.1)
 I can clarify the relationships between claims, reasons, evidence, and
o I can cite my sources. (W11-12.8)(RI 11-12.1)
o I can present my learning in an interesting way that enriches and deepens my
understanding of my topic.
 I can use the conventions of standard English grammar and usage.(L1112.1 & .2)
The Research Paper Syllabus
January 31
February 4
Feb 6
Feb 10
Feb 12
Review MLA formatting – Plagiarism test
Review syllabus and due dates
Topic inquiry
1st Book Chat
Library – Research
Declare topic
Generate Questions
Library – Research
Print sources
Library - Research
DUE: 5 Printed Sources
HW: * 3 sources: Printed/Read/Annotated
Library – * 3 sources DUE: Noodle Tools
3 source cards due & note cards on each source
 Categorize/Topic note cards
Feb 13th: WORK NIGHT 2:30 – 5:30
Feb 18
Library –Research
2 more sources annotated and read for source cards & note cards
Feb 19th: WORK NIGHT 2:30 – 7:00
Feb 20
Library – Research
Feb 24
Library – 50(100) note cards due
2-3 more sources printed/read/annotated
DUE: Noodle Tools
Advanced Composition and Literature
Mrs. Forman
Office D9
Library – *3 sources: read/annotated DUE: Noodle Tools
Feb 26
Source cards and note cards on each source
Feb 26th: WORK NIGHT 2:30 – 7:00
Library – Preliminary Outline
Review notecards and information;
Create a “need to know more” list
Feb 28
2nd Book Chat
March 4
March 6
Library: Final 2 sources (10 total) and 50 (100 total) note cards
due at end of block DUE: Noodle Tools
Fit cards to outline
Rearrange outline as needed
Library – DRAFT essay
WORK NIGHT 2:30 – 7:00
March 10
Library – DRAFT essay
March 11th: WORK NIGHT 2:30 – 7:00
March 12
March 14
Library - Printed 1st draft DUE BEGINNING of BLOCK
Library - Printed 2nd draft DUE BEGINNING of BLOCK
Spring Break: March 17 - 21
March 25
Library – Printed 3rd draft due BEGINNING of BLOCK!
Final Peer review and editing
WORK NIGHT 2:30 – 7:00
March 27
March 31
Library - Turn in Final Research Paper: rough drafts, sources, all
note cards, all source cards, and outline
March 28th: 3rd Book Chat
Presentation: 2 – 3 minute multi-media presentation that promotes
your argument
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