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The prisoner of Zenda
Chapter “6”
1) What made Sapt think that the king was still alive?
Colonel Sapt is supposed to be one of the very loyal
ones to the king. After the king has been drunk by Michael’s wine,
Sapt was the first one to suggest on Rassendyll to impersonate
the king. He insisted on the idea to prevent Michael from seizing
the throne.
Previously when Sapt and Rassendyll went to the
castle of Zenda they didn’t find the king, they only found Josef
dead in addition to the handkerchief’s they used to tie Johann’s
mother’s hands with. They knew then that Duke Michael and his
men took the king. Later on, Fritz told Sapt that only three of
Duke Michael’s men are in Strelsau so logically Sapt assumed that
the king is alive and that he’s a prisoner and that the other three
men of Michael’s six are guarding him.
Finally the three, Rudolf, Sapt and Fritz, came up
with a plan to defeat Michael and bring the king back. The plan
consisted of three parts. Firstly, Rudolf will win the love of the
people. Secondly, he’ll do nothing bad to Michael or even quarrel
with him in public and thirdly. He’ll secretly be Michael’s enemy.
2) Why was Rudolf’s visit to Princess Flavia difficult?
Rudolf Rassendyll impersonated the king to save the
throne from Michael in order not to seize the throne. On the other
hand, Princess Flavia s betrothed to the king. As a part of the plan of
impersonating the king, Rassendyll was to do all the duties of the king
including the part which is related to Flavia.
Rassendyll fell in love with Flavia. He wanted to tell
her the truth which is that he’s not the real long however Sapt didn’t
give him the chance to. On the other hand, although Flavia didn’t know
that Rudolf is not the real king, she fell in love with him since the
coronation. She told him that it seems that he has changed as he
became more caring. Rudolf felt satisfied afterwards as he knew that
he’s the one who won Flavia’s love not the real king,
Finally, it was something very difficult for Rassendyll
visiting Flavia as he was just impersonating the king doing his duties. It
was hard for him not to tell her the truth however being a noble,
honorable gentleman prevented him from revealing the secret and
ruining the plan as well.
3)Question three is cancelled
4) What did the letter to Rudolf say?
Sapt gave Rudolf a letter, it was written by a woman’s
hand. Later on, they knew that it’s Antoinette De Mauban who has
sent the letter. It was known that Antoinette was in love with Duke
Michael so once they knew that it has been sent by her, they
became suspicious that it could be a trick played from Duke Michael
to take Rudolf down.
The letter started by instructing Rudolf to do what the
letter says. Antoinette requested that Rudolf meet her in the
Summerhouse in New Road. In addition, she requested that Rudolf
meet her alone, without his guards. At frst Rudolf was hesitated that
it could be dictated by Michael however the letter had a note on its
back saying that in case he hesitated, he can ask Sapt about the
woman who wants to prevent Michael from being the king and
marrying Flavia as well. This made Rudolf believe that Antoinette has
a point of sending him the letter.
Finally Rudolf took the decision to go to the
summerhouse and meet Antoinette there . Rudolf and Sapt had a
quarrel as Sapt wanted to accompany him. After this , Rudolf and
Sapt agreed that Rudolf would go and meet her and that Sapt would
wait him at the gate.
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