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Stephenson College Transcript
Person 1 (Will): So we’ve got to update the college video today, what are your ideas
for this?
Person 2 (Charlie): I’ve got a few ideas, but I think that the group that are coming to
help us out should have a few more ideas, so that should help us a bit more.
Will: So who have we actually got coming then?
Charlie: We’ve got Hannah, she is involved in musical theatre and I think she does
Will: Okay, but does that mean she’s not on placement today then?”
Charlie: Oh no no, I spoke to Dan, he’s coming as well and he said it was fine, she
can come. Oh he also said he’s got Stella coming; I think she’s quite interested in
sports; that would be good for us.
Will: Brilliant, that’s a great team!
Everyone: Hello guys!
Person 3 (Hannah): Guys I’ve invited Winston along today, but I think he’s running a
bit late because of his seminar.
Everyone: Oh, that’s absolutely fine.
Person 4 (Stella): Guys I’ve got pictures, just so we can have ideas from here.
Person 5 (Winston): Sorry I’m late guys, my seminar overran. It’s a good thing I’m
only 2 minutes away.
Stella: Ah, that is a brilliant way to start the video. We could talk about the location; I
mean you know it’s such an integral part of why we’re so attractive to students.
Winston: Yeah, that’s a really good idea to put location in because like everything is
within a maximum of 5 minutes of where halls are; like you have the dining hall which
is 5 minutes away; you have the teaching hall which is 2 minutes away and
Stephenson which is right on your doorstep; and as well you have all the sports
facilities and the Astroturf and the sports hall.
Stella: Oh yeah, we definitely have to talk about the sports hall. I mean 95% of the
students engage in sports; so they want to know what facilities are available. It’s
huge! It’s got like 8 badminton courts space and every time you walk into the sports
hall, there’s something happening and the sports hall has a gym.
Hannah: We should talk about all societies maybe because that is so key for
Stephenson isn’t it, being involved in societies. I mean people are involved to
generate more skills and to develop their skills, like the Jazz Society or Street Dance
Society as well; but then also talk about societies that people just join for enjoyment
and to meet new people. If there isn’t a society for somebody when they come here,
it’s so easy to set it up at our college. There wasn’t a Musical Theatre Society when I
came here and that’s my passion. It was so easy and we had so much support from
the College to set up our Infinity Musical Theatre. If we’re talking about talent and the
facilities, then we should really talk about the Photography Society. We have a
proper darkroom; we have digital cameras; we have the SLR cameras; we have the
computer programmes.
Will: The Photography Society took pictures of the ball. Maybe, you know, you might
want to include that and the formals as well.
Winston: Yeah, they shoot the big events; the balls and formals – there are quite a
lot of them! The Christmas Ball and the Summer Ball, which last year we had a
theme for it…it was masquerade – it was a really nice these as well.
Dan: It’s not all about the big events though Winston; it’s about the small ones that
happen every week, TV room, games room as well; the Sunday Quiz, our bars
where we can get a college drink.
Charlie: Don’t forget, we’ve got our shop as well.
Hannah: We need to talk about things that go on in Stephenson Central; I mean
there’s always people in here, just that could be having a quiet time couldn’t they and
reading in the library, so that should go in the video. It could be just reading the
Durham University newspaper Palatinate or our college magazine.
Dan: Well that’s the main reason we’re here. We’ve got to push the fact to get the
best degree possible, and on campus we’ve got a library right next to us; some
people like to use their room and be alone.
Stella: Yeah, I prefer using my own personal space, and the Stephenson
accommodation is so perfect, isn’t it? I mean it’s not too big, not too small and
they’re all en-suite and you have internet 27/7. The facilities are absolutely brilliant
and you have dining twice a week because the College is part catered.
Person 6: But it’s also nice to cook at home.
Will: Okay guys, we have 8 main points – is that enough?
Charlie: So what have we got then…college life, a great location, fantastic sports
facilities; we’ve got societies, big events; we’ve got the top thing Stephenson Central;
we’ve got culture and we’ve got the facilities we’ve got for actual learning. So I think
that’s really good guys; we’ve done really well today.
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