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A Ladies 9 Hole Golf Group
Registration Form
Member Name: ______________________
Timarron Member #: _________
Email Address: ______________________________________
Birthday ______________
Spouse’s Name _____________________
Home Phone #: _________________
Cell Phone#: _________________
I would like to join the TBoopers, a Ladies 9 Hole Golf Group. The TBoopers will play at
Timarron Country Club on Wednesday mornings. The registration fee for joining the TBoopers
Ladies 9 Hole Golf Group is $20. That $20 fee will cover the cost of creating and maintaining
the TBoopers website, as well as a small social budget. The website will be the main point of
communication for the golf group and all key information will be on the website. We will not
be sending weekly email reminders about regular play days.
Weekly golf sign-ups are through the website Please sign up by 12pm on
Tuesday to play on Wednesday morning. If you have to cancel, please contact Vinnie Buffa
directly, either by email [email protected] or calling the Timarron Golf Pro Shop.
Timarron Country Club will charge your Timarron member account the cart fee (plus applicable
taxes) and $3 for the play day payout that day. Payout amounts and the way in which they are
awarded will vary each week. By signing below you are authorizing Timarron Country Club to
charge the member account number listed above for your Wednesday cart and play
day fees.
Member Signature
Please indicate your approval or disapproval of the TBooper Bylaws by placing a check mark in
the appropriate box below.
Completed registration forms should be given to either Marian Graham or Kristy Carcara.
Registration Fee Received: Date __________
Initial ___________
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