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I. Fill in the gaps with SOME or ANY.
1. Is there _____ milk in my tea?
2. Have you got _____ money?
3. Is there _____ hot meat on the table?
4. There are _____ people in the park.
5. Does he have ____ sugar?
6. Are there ____ pencils in the box?
7. I will buy ____ bananas tomorrow.
8. I don’t drink ____ milk. I like tea and juice.
III. Translate the words into English and choose the right variant.
1. Сколько книг is there/ are there on your table?
2.Сколько машин is there/ are there can you see in the street?
3. Сколько молока do/ does you like in your coffee?
4. Сколько денег do/ does you have?
5. Сколько фруктов do/ does you eat every day?
6. Сколько деревьев is there/ are there in your garden?
IV. Translate the following into English.
1. мало чая
2. много машин
3. мало снега
4. мало птиц
5. много самолётов
6. много золота
7. много людей
8. мало комнат
9. мало мороженого
10. много денег
V. Correct the mistakes in the sentences.
1. There are some water in my cup.
2. I haven’t got no pets.
3. There isn’t some apples on the table.
4. There isn’t no juice at home.
5. There aren’t not books in my bag.
6. Is there some balls under your bed?
7. There are some sweet in the box.
8. Is there some ham on the table?
9. I won’t buy no sausage, we have some.
10. Does Mary want some fruit?
VI. Make the sentences from the following words.
1. a lot of, London, there, stadiums, are, in.
2. many, do, have, how, apples, you?
3. ice-cream, don’t, I eat, every day, much.
4. coffee, drink, you, much, do?
5. any, in, there, my, isn’t, tea, cup.
6. see, I, children, in the park, can, some.
7. free, have, I, time, got, little.
8. Zoo, there, bears, are, in the, few.
9. play, a lot of, I, can, games, computer.
10. much, drink, you, Cola, do?
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