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Position title:
Event and Travel Assistant
Position type:
USAID Local Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Project, implemented by UNDP (USAID/UNDP LEED)
Duration of contract:
Minsk, Belarus
6 months with possible extension based on the performance
and availability of funds
Requirement for travel:
Within the country and abroad when necessary
Conditions of Employment and Office located in Minsk; monthly payments based on hourly
fee upon submission of Time-sheet and Certification of
payment approved by the direct supervisor
Direct supervisor:
Secondary education, preferably with specialized
certification in humanitarian or technical science.
University diploma is highly desirable;
At least 2 years of administrative and/or financial
professional experience;
Experience in the usage of computers and office software
packages (MS Word, Excel, Internet software, social
networks, etc.); advanced knowledge of spreadsheet and
database packages.
Outstanding organizational and administrative skills;
Advanced knowledge of English;
Strong oral and written communication skills, including
ability to draft, edit and finalize documents both in
English and in Russian;
Ability to remain calm, in control and good humored
under pressure;
Ability to work in time-constrained and multitasking
Knowledge of UNDP rules and regulations is highly
Project Manager
General background information on the context of the engagement:
UNDP implements the USAID Local Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Project
(USAID/UNDP LEED). The overall Project's goal is to strengthen the role of the private sector
in the economies of Brest and Hrodna regions and in the thriving tourism sector of the
Republic of Belarus through achieving the following specific objectives:
1) Creating favorable environment for the ecotourism private sector development and
introduction of public-private partnership mechanisms into the sustainable local
development strategies;
2) Strengthening capacity of private ecotourism stakeholders and business support
3) Establishing sustainable public dialogue, conducting information
campaigns, promoting the region as an ecotourism destination.
Objective of the assignment:
The objective of the assignment is to provide support to project activities, especially
those involving travel, to ensure the effective implementation of the project.
Work Performed/or responsibilities:
The Event and Travel Assistant will be based in Minsk. Under the overall supervision of the
project Manager and in close coordination with the LEED project team in Minsk, Brest and
Hrodna, the Event and Travel Assistant will be responsible for supporting implementation of
the LEED project activities in accordance with the UNDP/USAID requirements.
Summary of key functions
Not less than 15 travels and 2 events (seminars, workshops, round tables,
study tours, meetings of experts, other) per month organized in a proper
It is expected that the Event and Travel Assistant will:
keep and timely up-date project event calendar, event and travel plans;
participate in activity planning, project team meetings (twice a week);
edit content for the full range of events related project materials and documents in
accordance with the UNDP and USAID requirements;
distribute events related project materials, e.g. events invitations, logistic notes, etc.,
through the corresponding mailing lists and by post;
after each event, file statistical data on participants in the Excel format;
maintain an effective system of filing the event and travel supporting documents,
including lists of event participants;
assist the project team in communication with experts, events participants and partners
travelling with the project’s support;
assist in transfer and accommodation arrangements for event participants; provide visa
support documents for international travel participants;
perform secretarial duties during external meetings s;
collect corresponding documentation to enable event reporting and payment processes
(e.g. personal data of participants, special UNDP forms and templates, similar);
a week before and immediately after an event, update the LEED project Facebook page
by posting relevant materials;
a week before and at immediately after an event prepare a brief information about the
event and share it with project partners;
assist in implementation of events held as a part of local project activities, including
those related to international and national days of ecotourism, entrepreneurship;
provide support to the Project Manager, Grant Manager, Adviser in information search
related to planned events and travels.
Expected deliverables:
Support to the event related procurement process is provided, if and when necessary.
Adherence to branding policy in public documents issued by the project is secured in line
with UNDP and USAID requirements.
English translation provided, if and when necessary, of the documents related to events
and travels.
Office administration support provided upon request.
Supervisor: Project Manager
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