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1. I want you to understand thermodynamics.
2. We expected them to draw this diagram.
3. I should like her to pulverize coal.
4. She believed me to have already purified oil.
5. We saw him show the valves work.
6. I like to hear her to present Conventional type of
7. Professor made us pass the exam and attend classes.
8. We wish nuclear energy to be refurbished.
9. We expected the thermal energy to be reinvigorated.
10. I want you to do the best to make the pipe glow.
Разработчик Миляр Ж.Н.
1. To switch to non-fossil fuels sources of energy is
very important.
2. It is important to use alternative sources of energy.
3. It is necessary to use nuclear power.
4. To lessen nuclear proliferation we have to find
other alternative.
5. The coal powdered to be burnt is necessary to be
pulverized first.
Разработчик Миляр Ж.Н.
6. Steam is used to drive a turbine.
1. Reading scientific books about fossilized ferns or
any prehistoric remains is useful.
2. We succeeded in separating steam from water in a
3. Quarry diggers began paddling (raking up) coal.
4. It is no use trying to drop nuclear proliferation.
Разработчик Миляр Ж.Н.
5. It is useless pumping oil where there isn’t a
stagnant layer because dead planktons and organics
are sure to be eaten by leaving organisms.
Разработчик Миляр Ж.Н.
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