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Statistics of Lviv region
Boiler plants and heating networks
Thematic breakdown: Housing and communal infrastructure
Source of information:
Тhematic group:
Communal infrastructure
Statistical reports data (Report on heat energy supply)
Explanations Public and domestic needs include delivery of heat energy to such enterprises, establishments and organizations: children pre-school,
to the table: secondary and higher education institutions, medical, sports, entertainment establishments, houses for the elderly and disabled,
restaurants, buffets, dining rooms, cafes, hotels, houses and hostels for visitors, workers and student dormitories, military units, etc.,
consumer services enterprises performing non-productive types of consumer services to the population, as well as on public and culturaldomestic needs of all other enterprises, institutions and organizations.
Total heat capacity of boiler houses at the end of a reporting year is determined by the sum of all nominal nameplate capacities of all
installed in them boilers in Gcal/h.
The number of installed boilers (power installations) at the end of the year includes boilers of all types, waste treatment plants, energy
installations, installed in boiler houses, on electric power stations, in individual accommodations (in conventional boiler houses) and also
rented, regardless if they are in working state, in reserve, repair, awaiting repair or idly due to other purposes.
The length of heat and steam networks is calculated by the length of a road, a channel with embedded in it two pipelines (forward and
reverse) without the inclusion of yard networks.
Heat energy produced includes all heat energy and also heat used for own production needs of a boiler house, an electric power station,
Amount of heat produced is determined by the amount and heat capacity of delivered steam and hot water.
Heat energy losses are defined as the difference between the amount of heat fed into the network (including the amount of generated
heat and acquired from the side with the deductions of heat spent for own production needs of boilers) and the amount of heat consumed
by all consumers (subscribers).
Supply of heat energy per annum by all categories of customers is determined on the basis of measuring devices data, and in their
absence – by consumption standards approved in the established order. From the total amount of heat supplied to its customers is
allocated the amount of heat energy supplied to the population for domestic and communal and industrial needs.
Main Statistical Office in Lviv region
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