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Report re the Redeemed Church Annual Congress, Lagos, Nigeria
I have just returned from Lagos, Nigeria earlier this week where I had been invited
to take part in the Annual Congress of the Redeemed Church. This MUST be the
largest Church in the world at present. What an awesome time! Please enjoy this
short report and be blessed. Our God is an awesome God! Amen!
It was truly awesome to be there and you would need to experience it yourself to
believe this report. The presence of the Lord was so rich and the number in
attendance was overwhelming! over 3 million in attendance in one place!
What a crowd of witnesses! Some nights we had over nearly 4 million people
It was a privilege for me to have been invited by Pastor Adebeyo, the Gen overseer
of this world wide church……and all expenses paid by Pastor Adaboya, the Senior
Pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church, Central London. The televised 6 day and
night Congress was watched by millions around the world. This has to be the largest
regular gathering of saints today for although this was particularly large since it was
the annual international congress, over 1 million people meet there each month at
the Redeemed Camp, in one building, just outside Lagos for a Holy Ghost service.
I stayed in a hotel with John and Diana Hagee (Cornerstone Ministries) and it was a
real privilege to share fellowship together with them over late breakfast. The rest of
each day was spent at the covered stadium…a series of huge linked covered and
open sided constructions that seated over 4 million people. Yes….. 4 million under a
roof looking towards a massive stage and choir stand. Another few million can listen
on the surrounding grass area. We began the evening at 5.30pm with the Pastor’s
prayer gathering of some 15,000 pastors of the Redeemed church from the nation of
Nigeria. This was followed by the evening service which began at 7pm and finished
sometimes at 4 am the following morning. My body clock just didn’t know what time
of day or night it was!
I had been invited to minister at the Congress in a number of ways but for me the
greatest privilege was to be asked to close the whole Congress by playing my Shofar
through the amplification system, in prophetic declaration of the completion of this
years congress 2011. This was to over 1 million people present that night and 8
million or so watching on TV around the world.
Just before the close we all shared communion, eating and drinking the bread and
the wine at the same time….amazing organisation. There were thousands of pastors
giving out the elements all around the building at strategic locations.
God is doing awesome things today in His church around the world! This was but
one example of it.
Love to you my friend and all your family…..and A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you
Howard and Tricia
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