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good (хороший)
well (хорошо)
much/ many (много)
bad (плохой)
badly (плохо)
little (маленький)
little (мало)
Степени сравнения
better (лучше)
the best (лучший)
more (больше)
worse (хуже)
the most (больше всего)
the worst (самый худший)
less (меньше)
the least (меньше всего)
Обе группы этих степеней сравнения образовались от прилагательного far – «далекий,
дальний». Обе эти группы обозначают «более далекий» - farther и further; «самый дальний» - the
farthest и the furthest.
Her new apartment is much farther/ further than she told me.
Moscow is the farthest / furthest city I have ever travelled to.
Однако further-the furthest имеет также другое, более распространенное, значение, которым
farther-the farthest не обладает. Это значение «последующий, дальнейший (о сведениях,
информации)». Причем в этом значении further, и the furthest взаимозаменяемы.
We will send you further/ the furthest information by e-mail.
Сравнительная и превосходная степень от прилагательного old могут образовываться двумя
способами - Elder-the eldest и older-the oldest. Обе эти формы обозначают «старше» и «самый
старый» соответственно. Однако помимо этого значения, elder-the eldest чащего всего
употребляется в значении «старший в семье». Например, elder brother, the eldest brother. В то же
самое время, если говорить о старшинстве в семье, не рекомендуется употреблять форму olderthe oldest.
Грамматический тест
1. Поставь в нужной степени сравнения
Jill is _______________________ (intelligent) person than my brother.
My mother is ___________________(good) in the world.
He studies ______________________(bad) than his brother does.
Kate was the_________________________ (practical) of the family.
Greg felt ________________________ (bad) yesterday than the day before.
This wine is the _____________________________ (good) I’ve ever tasted.
Jack was the___________________________________ (tall) of the two.
Jack is the_____________________________ (clever) of the three brothers.
If you need any ________________________ (far) information, please contact
our head office.
10. The sinking of Titanic is one of ___________________ (famous) shipwreck
stories of all time.
11.The deposits of oil in Russia are the _____________________ (rich) in the
12.Could you come a bit ________________________ (early) tomorrow?
13.I like this song _______________________ (well) than the previous one.
14.Which of these two performances did you enjoy ______________________
15.The fire was put out __________________________ (quickly) than we expected.
2. Выбери нужную форму
1. I have already read _______________ page of the book!
a) the last b) the later c) the latest
2. She always dresses in ______________________fashion.
a) late b) the latest c) the last
3. Computers are _________________________ discoveries of the 20th century.
a) the latest b) latter c) the last
4. Today is ____________________ day of November.
a) late b) the last c) later
5. Peter came with Tom. Peter was short and _______________ was tall.
a) the latter b) the last
c) the latest
6. I bought _______________ edition of this book.
a) the latest b) the last c) last
7. I was in Spain _______________ summer.
a) the last b) last c) later
8. What is ________________ month of the year.
a) the last b) later c) latter
9. My house is ______________ house on the right.
a) last
b) the last
c) later
10. I was in Moscow and St. Petersburg. ________________ I like more.
a) the last b) latter c) latest
11. He writes interesting books. ___________________ book is the most popular.
a) the last b) the latest c) latter
12. Let’s take a ____________________train.
a) later b) the last c) the latest
3. Подчеркни нужное слово
1. My elder/ older sister is a medical student. She is five years elder/ older than me.
2. I have two brothers. My oldest/ eldest brother is Nick. He is the oldest/ eldest in the
3. My granny is the oldest/ eldest in our family.
4. Is Steve your elder/older or younger brother.
5. Mr Brown has two daughters. His older/ elder daughter is an actress.
1. She lives farther/ further than you think.
2. What do you think about your further/ farther education?
3. I have no further/ farther information.
4. Where is the farthest/ furthest shop?
5. Do you know further/ farther details?
1. She lives nearer/ nearest than you think.
2. The next/ nearest lesson starts in 10 minutes.
3. This is the nearest/ next way!
4. Peter lives next/ nearer door.
5. His shelf is next/ near- door.
6. I will be a student in the near/ nearest future.
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