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County Wicklow VEC Smart_VET Project
Teacher Name: Ian Murphy
Centre: St Thomas CC
Subject(s)/Component The Learning Experience - what will be delivered to the learners
Sector (e.g.:
(s)(Include Level and
PLC/VTOS/Youth Component Code)
Added value for teaching what you think the IWB will
add to the teaching.
Second Level Physical Education Number of students involved: 14
Learning objectives (Pupils will be able to):
 List the main bones of the body
 Point these out on the skeleton
 Understand the movement and purpose of each
Overall Duration of the classes (how many classes over what time?)
2 x 40 minutes
Progression of activities over the time for delivery (i.e. What do you
plan to do in the first session, second session... And so on...)
1. Bone types
2. Name of bones
3. Position of bones
4. Movement of each bone
Methodology (How you are going to teach the topic)
Teacher uses the interactive whiteboard to show various examples
and real life images. Pupils will match words with pictures. Pupils
will match bone name with bone type, and position in the body.
Continued use of highlighter, reveal tool and online quiz on the
skeletal system.
 Pupils can see a
visual of each
 Pupils can see
how the bones
 Pupils will be
actively involved
throughout the
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