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The taping will involve a maximum number of 5 subjects and a minimum

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Department of Psychology
Consent to act as a Participant in an Experimental Study
Title: TalkBank: Free Lunch
This study involves videotaping a series of group discussions. Some of the sessions will
involve groups of students working on class projects. In those sessions, students will
focus on their class projects. Other sessions will involve more free-form noon-time
discussions of various topics. In the second type of session, participants will be given a
list of suggested conversational topics. The researcher will film the sessions and will not
participate directly in the interaction.
We plan to collect videotapes from a total of 30 such interactions. However, only a small
fraction of the total data will be transcribed and linked to the digital files. The taping will
involve a maximum number of 5 subjects and a minimum of 3. Each subject will sign an
informed consent form that permits the use of the transcripts, audio, and video data for
the TalkBank Project. These transcript and linked video data will be open to all
researchers in language studies.
There are no reasonably foreseeable risks or discomforts associated with participation in
this study. However, if at any time you wish to withdraw from the study you may
without penalty. You understand that this study is a research study and will be of no
direct benefit to you. As compensation for participating in the study we will make
available the web site that will contain the video data along with the transcripts for you to
view and a full description of our research goals. No personal data will be collected on
the subjects apart from the video data.
Informed Consent Form:
I understand that I will be participating in a conversational interaction that will be
videotaped and analyzed for conversational patterns. I give permission for the use of
these data by researchers at CMU and elsewhere. I also know that I have the right to
review the resultant videotapes to make sure that they do not contain any material that I
might not want to have made available. If I locate any such material, I understand that it
will be removed from the public database.
Any future questions I have about this research will be answered by Dr. MacWhinney at
(412) 268-3793. Any questions that I have about my rights as a research participant will
be answered by Ann Baldwin Taylor, IRB Chair, at (412) 268-8746.
By signing this form, I agree to participate in this study. I acknowledge that a copy of
this form has been given to me.
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