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2010 February 28th
Sunday Sermon at Yoido Full Gospel Church – Seoul, Korea
Speaker: Senior Pastor Emeritus Rev. Yonggi CHO
Those Who Have Treasure in Their Hearts
(2Co 4:7-11)
This World is often called an abyss of misery. We find sadness in our
moment of happiness and tears in our moment of laughter. We all have
covert guilt which we wish to hide, and we are suddenly assaulted with fear
even in our splendor of wealth, positions, honor, and power. What do all
these things mean to us? Everyone on earth trembles in fear of death. Even
Solomon, who spent his life in opulent luxury, lamented in Ecclesiastes 1:211.
1. What are the differences between believers and non-believers?
Everyone lives on earth, the depraved and cursed land.
Even Jesus was not exempt from the hardships of this world
Jesus was sacrificed on the Cross to save us (Isaiah 53:1-8)
We are immediately transferred to paradise the moment we come to
faith in Jesus
2. The lives of believers
a) We must also carry the death of Jesus
b) We live with awareness in our hearts (2Co 4:6)
c) We realize the redemption of Jesus
3. Our identity
a) People who have treasure in their jars
b) It is I that becomes changed not the surroundings (2Co 4:8-11)
We are not living in a germ-free glass bowl but a world infested with all kinds
of germs. However, we have within us Jesus who has won over all these
germs. Christ in us is our eternal victor.
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