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Stephenie Schroth
As I previously mentioned, I am pursing my Masters of Education in Instructional
Systems - Educational Technology and working on my Instructional Technology
Specialist Certificate. The reason that I selected this particular
certification/degree is that I have a desire to more effectively integrate
technology into the classroom setting.
Here are some things that I already do in the classroom setting:
I enjoy designing Power Points on various subjects/topics, in particular, I
enjoy creating Power Point review games, such as: Family Fued, Hollywood
Squares, Jeopardy, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, just to name a few.
Some of the technology projects that I have done with my students
includes: Keynote presentations (various subjects/topics), Numbers
assignments (charts/graphs), Pages assignments (documents/flyers), digital
storytelling podcasts (with images/without images), and iMovie
presentations, just to name a few.
Personally, I enjoy designing educational websites for students, parents,
faculty, and staff. I enjoy researching educational websites and linking them
to my personal website.
Throughout my eight years in the field of education, I have been the teacher that
everyone goes to for technical assistance and support. I enjoy this role along with
many other roles that I participate in at my school. For the past seven of those
years, I have been in the public school environment, so I have had some advantages
in terms of technology.
Here are some of the advantages of technology:
Each teacher had his/her own MacBook laptop in which to type lesson plans,
create documents, design presentations, etc.
At my school, we had a one-to-one laptop correspondence with the students,
meaning every student had a laptop that they used in school and at home.
We had laptop training workshops that I conducted for the parents and the
In every classroom, I had access to a Promethean Board to display
documents, images, presentations, videos, etc.
An iPad at each of the building locations was made available for teacher use.
Stephenie Schroth
This academic year, I am teaching at a small private school that does not have any
of the aforementioned advantages of technology.
Here is what the school has in terms of technology:
The school (Pre-K to 12) has a single, wireless computer lab consisting of
approximately 15-20 computers, 5 printers, and 1 scanner.
Over the summer, I have been fixing the following problems areas: the wireless
network, the printers, and scanners. My goal is to have the computer lab operable
for the spring semester for when I teach keyboarding and Microsoft Office to the
high school students.
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