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SOAMS testimony Student D - Female
I am from Parson Cross in Sheffield and attended Chaucer Technology
School, Sheffield. Only a handful of students from my school attended
university, I am the only one to study medicine.
When I was at school, I didn’t really know what university was about.
Nobody in my circle of family and friends had been to university so we
never really spoke about what it was. The only thing I did know was that
in order to become a doctor, I had to go to university, but never
thought that I would actually get there! When I was in primary school I
was always told how good I was at science. That’s when I started to
think about medicine. When I started meeting and talking to students
as part of the SOAMS scheme that’s when I realised that I actually had
the potential to become a doctor. When I started doing some work
experience I decided I was going to commit myself to a career in
medicine and do whatever I needed to do to study medicine.
I’m the youngest in my family and nobody else has been to university.
One of my tutors at college had heard of the SOAMS scheme and
encouraged me to apply. I think he was the first person to really believe
in me. I was ecstatic when I learned of my acceptance onto the scheme
for phase 2. I remember thinking about what a great opportunity I had
been given.
I really enjoyed the summer school. The work experience placement
that I did was the deciding factor for me. It really helped motivate me to
work hard at college and get the grades that I needed. Also meeting
other medical students gave me positive role models, I really wanted to
be just like them.
When I visited the University of Sheffield, although I had lived in
Sheffield for a long time, I had never been to the part of the city where
the University is. When I walked onto the concourse everything was so
exciting, I think it must have been RAG week as there were students
about collecting money for charity, a DJ set up outside and leaflets
being handed out. The atmosphere was amazing and I remember
thinking to myself how ‘cool’ it was. It was completely unexpected.
Studying at Sheffield meant being able to study at a good university
which was local. Initially I stayed at home, however after my first year I
moved into a house with my friends. At this time I felt ready for more
independence. By getting a part-time job I managed to balance my
finances. However now I’m in my final year it’s getting harder to
work. Luckily, through money that I have saved I will be able to support
myself in my final year.
I love studying. It really has changed my life. Studying medicine has
enabled me to break that cycle of having a mundane and non
stimulating job. I feel so grateful that I will have a financially secure
future and from a job that I love - something that I have never known
my family members to have. Throughout medical school I have met
some amazing friends, and to some extent I feel like I fit in more than I
did when I was at school. Being with like minded friends who had the
same future ambitions was so refreshing and made me ever more
determined to succeed. Never have I felt that I am any less off than any
of my peers. The amazing thing about Sheffield is that it has such a
diverse population of students, and I add to that diversity.
I hope to continue being happy. I am currently starting to apply for jobs
(which is just so exciting!). I can’t wait to finally be earning a crust as a
doctor. I am just really looking forward to my future; the only bad thing
is that it is all happening too quickly!
I feel so grateful for everything the SOAMS scheme has done for me,
and I feel really privileged to have had the opportunity. This has driven
me to continue to be involved with the scheme throughout medical
school as a SOAMS Student Ambassador and also encouraged me to
get involved on a national scale with the BMA to contribute more
towards widening participation in Medicine.
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