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Team Silver B:
Hugo Sutton:
A very strong performance indeed. Well done on completing your silver exped. Your menus
and the food you cooked were especially impressive! You should definately consider going on
to start the gold scheme; I'm sure you are well on your way to gold standard already!
Amrita Dasgupta:
Congratulations on completing a very challenging expedition. Your perseverence and tenacity
have helped you complete your expedition in fine style. You should be very proud of yourself.
Make sure that you now complete the other sections of the award - you really deserve to have
your achievements on this expedition recognised. Well done!
Aimee Huntington:
Congratulations on completing your expedition and being such a valuable part of the team.
Your enthusiasm and encouragement has helped all the other teams members during the
George Stephen:
A very strong team member, you have been a driving force within the team, and helped
everyone complete their DoE expedition. You can be really proud of your all-round skills
needed for the exped, and you should consider the gold award. Congratulations on doing
such a good job helping the whole team achieve their goal.
Charlotte Woods:
Well done for completing your expedition. You've shown a really strong all round performance
and strong mental attitude throughout your expedition. Your campcraft and navigation skills
are good, and I think you would do well at gold level. Well done!
Silver Team C:
Crissy Bowler:
Well done on completing your siler expedition. Your outdoor background is evident and your
skills are strong all round. I think you should definately consider the gold award.
Matt Pritchard: - Missed out most of the second day's walk with a self inflicted ankle injury.
Your enthusiasm and cheerful personality have motivated the whole team, and kept morale
and enthusiasm high. The group wouldn't be the same without you. Your drive to complete
the expedition even in light of injury is impressive.
Tom Russell:
Well done! Your strength, enthusiasm, and safety consciousness have helped drive the whole
team forward and kept the group on track throughout the whole expedition. You've been a key
team player, and your campcraft skills have been invaluable. Well done!
Amy Cheng:
Congratulations on completing a difficult expedition. You've been a strong walker, and have
carried at least your fair share of the group's load. I'm impressed with your determination,
your speed and efficiency too! Well done.
Nick Woollhead: - Missed out the 2nd night camping and 3rd day walking with a prior
A shame you didn't have time to complete this expedition on this occasion - I'm confident that
you would have done so with flying colours! Your technical skills, strength and enthusiasm
make you an invaluable part of the team, so make sure you complete the award to be
rewarded with the credit that you deserve. Well done on completing your first two days in
such fine style.
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