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Study Guide for Exam # 4
What Are the Mendelian Laws of Inheritance?
Know the method that Mendel use (his experiments)
What are monohybrid crosses
Know Mendel’s laws of inheritance
What are alleles?
What is a test cross
Know how to determine genetic probability using the Punett square
Explain the difference between codominance and incomplete dominance and give
examples of each
9. How can genes interact? Explain hybrid vigor, pleiotropy and epistasis
10. Explain how can genes be influenced by the environment
11. Explain how sex is determined
12. Give examples of sex chromosome non-disjunction and the possible effects on the
13. What Is the Evidence that the Gene Is DNA?
14. Know all the preliminary experiments that determined that DNA is the genetic material
15. Who discovered the structure of DNA?
16. What is the structure of DNA?
17. What are the four key features of DNA?
18. How is DNA replicated?
19. Explain the three possible mechanisms of replication?
20. Explain why DNA replication is said to be semiconservative
21. Know the steps in DNA replication and all of the enzymes and other proteins involved
22. What are telomers and telomerase?
23. How are errors in DNA repaired?
24. What is PCR? And how does it work?
25. Explain the One-Gen-One Polypeptide idea came about
26. What is the Central Dogma?
27. Know the three steps in Transcription and any enzymes/factors involved in it
28. What is the Genetic Code?
29. What are introns and exons?
30. Know the three steps in Translation and any enzymes/factors involved in it
31. What is a polysome?
32. Know the post translational events that may occur after translation
33. What are transcription factors?
34. What proteins bind to DNA that can regulate transcription?
35. Explain how a set of genes can be coordinated
36. What is DNA methylation? And what are the consequences of it?
37. What are histone proteins modifications after transcription?
38. What are epigenetic changes?
39. What is genomic imprinting?
40. What is microRNA?
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