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(RFL/РКИ), 32 academic hours (Elementary level)

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Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL/РКИ), 32 academic hours (Elementary level)
Instructor: Evgeniya Smolovskaya (Евгения Андреевна Смоловская)
email: [email protected]
1. Эсмантова, Т.Л. Русский язык: 5 элементов: уровень А1 (элементарный). – 3-е изд.,
испр. – СПб.: Златоуст, 2013. – 320 с./ Esmantova, T.L. Russian language: 5 elements:
level A1 (elementary). - 3rd ed., revised. – St. Petersburg: Zlatoust, 2013.
2. My own hand-outs
Course materials online
Some extra materials (texts, exercises and video) for homework will be given in class or sent by
Sometimes we’re going to use the following online course «Время говорить по-русски» («It’s
time to speak Russian»)
и Learn Russian
Course description:
Goals: The course’s main goal is to guide students towards basic communicative competence in
By the end of the course, the students are expected to attain the following proficiency in each of the
four skills:
Listening: Students should be able to comprehend isolated utterances and short conversation on
topics of everyday life dealing with familiar situations.
Reading: Students should be able to read and understand simple texts about life in Russia and also
texts that contain information necessary for the survival in a foreign environment such as street
signs, short advertisements and menus, etc.
Speaking: Students will be able to initiate and maintain simple face-to-face short conversations on
familiar topics. They will be able to employ a number of strategies to perform different functions
such as polite requests, asking for information, responding to requests, etc.
Writing: Students achieve full control of the writing system and orthographic rules for elementary
level. They will be able to describe their life in written in simple expressions.
Linguistic content:
1) Phonetics. Russian alphabet. General characteristics of the sound system of the Russian
language. Articulation of vowels and consonants. Sound-letter correspondence (pronunciation rules
for the basic positional alternations of sounds). Stress and rhythm. Intonation structure.
2) Morphology
Noun. Gender. Singular and plural.
Adjective. Models of adjectives. Singular and plural.
Numerals. Cardinal numerals (0–1000).
Pronoun. Personal, possessive, demonstrative, interrogative.
Verb. The Past tense and The Present tense.
Adverb. Adverbs of place (справа/слева…), manner of action (быстро/медленно…) and time
3) Syntax.
Simple sentence. Sentence types: declarative and interrogative. Complex sentence (Я знаю/думаю,
что … и Сейчас холодно, потому что сейчас зима)
4) Vocabulary.
Vocabulary of students formed on the basis of conversational and everyday
vocabulary in the form of dialogue and monologue.
Topics covered:
1. Conversational etiquette: polite forms of address, greetings, farewells, meeting people.
(Здравствуйте! Привет! Меня зовут ... . Очень приятно. До свидания! Пока!). 4 ac.h. (+
2. In the shop/café (У вас есть…? Сколько это стоит?) 6 ac.h.
3. Myself and my family (Меня зовут … . Я американец/испанец… . Я говорю поанглийски … . Это мои родители. Их зовут … . Они работают в … . Это моя сестра,
она учится в школе…) 8 ac.h.
4. My day (В понедельник я встаю в 7. Завтракаю дома и начинаю работать в 9. Я учусь в
университете/работаю в фирме. Я люблю слушать музыку) 5 ac.h.
5. City. Orientation in a city (Идите прямо и направо. Аптека слева) 4 ac.h.
6. How was the weekend? (Я ходил в кино. Я ездил в Петербург) 5 ac.h.
Attendance and Participation
Attendance is essential for success in learning a language and is mandatory in this class.
Unexcused absences will be reflected in the attendance grade. If you cannot attend a class due to a
personal or medical emergency, you must notify me by e-mail as soon as possible. If you have
special circumstances, talk to me.
You are allowed up to two unexcused absences. Beyond that, 2 points will be taken off for each
unexcused absence.
Homework will be checked in class and must be done as scheduled. It will be collected randomly at
the instructor’s discretion. Two missed homeworks will go unpunished. Then, 2 points will be
taken off for each missed homework. Partial credit may be given for partial/late homework.
A missed class does not relieve you from the obligation to complete and submit your homework.
Tests and Quizzes
There will be short tests spread over two modules and one comprehensive final test at the end of
each module.
final examination
The minimum passing grade for this course is 67%.
Please note that the course schedule is flexible. It can be changed according to the pace of learning
process of a group.
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