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Социальное неравенство - Social Inequality
курс по-английски будут вести совместно Christopher
Gerry и Даниил Александров
Christopher J. Gerry is Senior Lecturer at the University
College of London where his research is focused on health,
poverty and inequality in Eurasia
Даниил Александров – профессор ф-та социологии,
заведующий научно-учебной лаборатории социологии
образования и заместитель директора НИУ ВШЭ СПб
The course will cover a broad range of topics pertinent to
understanding social and economic inequality as a major
principle of social organization of human societies and
central concept in the social sciences.
We will start with the standard themes of status, class,
race and gender and other structural forms of inequality,
and review some basic theories in treating inequality
from Karl Marx to current authors. We will also discuss
how social and economic inequality is measured, and
how poverty can be defined and measured.
The course will address many big issues, and together
with students we will try to find answers to questions
important both theoretically and politically.
Here are some questions we will discuss:
Are rich individuals and families getting richer in
contemporary societies and why? Why many people
seem to be living in poverty for several generations, and
what are the social mechanisms of poverty traps? What
is the influence of inequality and poverty on individual
health? Can education alleviate poverty and why poor
seems to have educational problems in school? What is
global inequality, why some countries are richer than
others, and how to measure inequality between the
nations? What is the global context of poverty and what
the world can do to solve this problem?
The course will include lectures by instructors and
seminars with discussions based on assigned readings
(about 20 pages a week).
Students are supposed to participate actively in the
seminar discussions, deliver presentations and write a
short final essay paper by the end of the course.
Instructors will be available outside the classroom for
consultations on course work on a weekly basis during
their office hours.
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