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Trauma insurance – what is it?
Unfortunately, accidents follow people everywhere and every year more than 150,000 accidents that end
with some sort of trauma happen in Estonia. Often these accidents mean unexpected costs, temporary
stops in work and decreases in income. In such a situation trauma insurance, which is an additional option
for life insurance, helps out. If you should be in an accident recovering from which takes a longer period of
time, the insurance will pay you compensation.
Examples of trauma and compensation (% from sum insured)*
1775 € (15%)
Brain concussion
473 € (4%)
473 € (4% iga luu)
Fracture of three ribs
Fracture of the elbow bone
237 € (2%)
237 € (2%)
Fracture of index finger
Knee meniscus tear
237 € (2%)
592 € (5% iga luu)
Fracture of the big toe
Tibia fracture in ankle
When do most accidents occur?
Spare time activities
Sports activities
Less common types of trauma are
compensated based on a daily allowance of
While working
The daily allowance is paid in case
the sick leave is at least
8,3 euros for every day during sick leave.** 14 days.
With trauma insurance the insurance premium starts
from 9.86 euros per month.***
The trauma insurance with life insurance is offered by Swedbank Life Insurance SE. Service conditions are available at,
if necessary consult a specialist in the bank.
Frequent trauma and compensation paid for it is written in the conditions of the supplementary insurance of accident insurance. The tauma insurance
compensation sum is calculated as a percentage from the supplementary insurance premium. The supplementary insurance premium is always equal to
the life insurance premium that until 01.04.2015 is €11,832.
** Compensation paid for one day on sick leave is 0.07% of the sum insured, which is 0.0007 * €11,832.
*** The sum presented here is approximate and might differ from the one offered to you because the insurance premium size depends on the age of the
insured person.
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