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Класс 10, предмет английский язык
ЗАДАНИЕ А. Задание с выбором одного ответа.
Выбери один правильный ответ и обведи его
A-1 I usually ______ window shopping once a month.
a) go
b) goes c) going
d) gone
A-2 Take an umbrella! It _______ outside.
a) rain
b) raining
c) is raining
d) are raining
A-3 She ______ to the gym seven times this week.
a) has been
b) have been
c) are
d) been
A-4 I’m not enthusiastic ______ the idea of spending holidays abroad.
a) about
b) with
c) on
d) at
A-5 Sue is so ______. She thinks only about herself.
a) patient
b) selfish
c) dishonest
d) creative
A-6 Mary is in her room. She ______ for two hours already.
a) cry
b) has been crying
c) cried
d) crying
A-7 The bus from Gdansk _______ at the station in an hour.
a) arrive
b) arrived
c) arriving
d) arrives
A-8 My sister and I have an agreement that we _____ a new sitcom this evening.
a) are watching b) watches
c) watch
d) watched
A-9 There is nothing for me here and I don’t want to______ my money.
a) cost
b) afford
c) spend
d) save
A-10 Please, let me ______ out tonight, Mum.
a) go
b) going
c) to go
A-11 Lucy is ill. I think she ______ at home today.
a) staying
b) will stay
c) stay
d) stays
A-12 Working on a building site isn’t as ______ as working in an office.
a) safer
b) safest
c) safe
d) more safer
A-13 The job of a surgeon requires ______ work.
a) apply
b) run
c) participate
d) shift
Часть В.
Заполните пропуски в тексте подходящими по смыслу словами или выражениями, которые
даны перед текстом
A – was suggested
D – a popular festival
B – the third Sunday
E – became an adult
C – express gratitude
F – brought up
The History of Father’s Day
Father’s Day is an occasion to honour your dad and 1 ______ for his love and support. Most countries
celebrate Father’s Day on 2 ______ of June. The idea of celebrating Father’s Day 3 ______ by Mrs.
Sonora Dodd in1909. Mrs. Dodd’s father 4 ______ six children when his wife died in childbirth. Only
when Sonora Dodd 5 _______ she realized the strength and selflessness her father had shown in raising
his children as a single parent. President Wilson approved of the festival in 1916 and President Johnson
signed a Proclamation declaring the celebration of Father’s Day in 1966. Since then, Father’s Day has
become 6 _______. Nowadays it is celebrated all over the world.
Часть С.
Прочитайте текст и задайте пять вопросов по его содержанию
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born in Taganrog in Russia. When he was 19, he went to medical school in
Moscow and later became a doctor. While working as a doctor he began to publish his stories in order to
help support his family. By 1886, he had become famous as a writer of plays and short stories. His works
include the play The Seagull (1896) and his famous short story The Steppe (1888)
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