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"да благословит тебя Господь и сохранит тебя! да призрит на

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This letter is from Galina who lives in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine and attends Central Baptist church of
Khmelnitsky. Хмельницький, and this is her plea:
Please support us in our hot prayers for peace in Ukraine. The situation on squares and streets becomes more
Yesterday in Khmelnitsky few people who were protesting were injured. Mass media say that one young man
has died (he was shot), and a teenager and lady are in hospital (and three men), doctors fight for their lives. It
was difficult for our citizens to get home from work offices or universities, because of protests many means of
transport did not work. In Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, situation is worse. There are hundreds of injured from
bombs and guns, more than 80 people have died. Metro does not work for 3 days already. Protesters and police
workers became more aggressive.
What we wrote you is just a drop in ocean. We just ask you please pray for our motherland Ukraine, pray for
peace in it, for our state power and wisdom for them, pray for repentance for people and protect from evil and
aggressiveness. For peace and God’s will. For independence. For families who have lost their sons, fathers or
other relatives. We put our hope in Lord
In His name, with lots of love in Christ,
"да благословит тебя Господь и сохранит тебя!
да призрит на тебя Господь светлым лицем Своим и помилует тебя!
да обратит Господь лице Свое на тебя и даст тебе мир!"
(Числа 6:24-26)
The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”’
Numbers 6: 24-26 for you
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