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Industrial Application Field of the Invention The present invention has both the functions of
sound collection with only one object and> ix J easy-to-feel [【J1 run and one small) 5 small size)
5 or more convenient. Microbodes / devices that can be used for raw recording heights 6. It is
about The configuration of the example shown in FIG. 1 and its 181 problems FIG. 1 shows a
conventional superdirective microphone assembly 1. In FIG. 1, reference numerals 3 and 4
denote impedance conversion amplifiers, which convert the microphones 1 and 2 whose distance
is Ijt L and τ by a distance R 1 t and d into low impedance. In the 5 id phaser, the phase of the
microphone 1 is changed, and the output of the microphone 2 and the IJ signal generator 6 are
synthesized, and the equalizer 7 flattens the frequency characteristic and makes the second
gradient, 詔 directional microphone (14 It is Next, the operation of the conventional
superdirective microphone device will be described. In FIG. 1, the microphones 1 and 2 are single
directional microphones, and when the microphone 2 is placed at a distance d from the
microphone 1, a phase difference due to the distance d 2 occurs at low frequencies. It doesn't
come, but as the frequency gets higher, the difference in order comes out. Accordingly, at low
frequencies, the output is boosted, and at high frequencies, a demarcation effect is produced by
not shifting the phase as shown in FIG. However, since "conventional IE in the mid-range, become
a dog in the mid-range, these equalizers 1li-iJ :, the equalizer end for double shoulder n?" FIG. 3
shows another example of the conventional stereo microphone device [d. In h in FIG. 3, the
microphones 8 and 9 id, the main axis of sound collection is in the hemp of FIG. i! il is fixed,
good. The impedance is converted to low impedance [> "less" by an amplifier 10.11 for a Pedance
Km, and each output power is taken out for h □ ギ □: □, L, channel, for: output. Next, the
operation of the above conventional reel will be described. In FIG. 3, it has a directivity in one
place. The maximum sensitivity direction of '9 is arranged at an angle 2θ 0 to each other, and
each output is a stereo output, or by a matrix circuit etc. The directional pressure is also
considered □. □: 1 ′: However, in the above conventional 従 来 1], the physical relative angle f)
is varied: Table 6 Because there is no T @, ..., branch point is limited.
Money, money, tricks, circuits etc. become abortions. There was a problem that could not be
reached at Cost Mae 1 p. As described above, in the superdirective microbon, the component
circuit becomes complicated and the S / N is poor. On the other hand, for xy stereo micro-bons,
θ is often fixed, and if there is a problem that the angle setting can not easily be made easily,
jiJ1 at 1, 1, ↑, Q, jtQt: simple 1ヒ Hi, the method of consolidating is limited to 8 topoind sound
collection and can not help 1 力 of realistic sound collection, 浜 Beach: There was a ′ 5 problem.
, The purpose of Ximei,. The present invention is intended to eliminate the drawbacks of the
above-described conventional example, and to ensure S / N to be sealed in ambient noise, and to
achieve the function of super-directional microphone and the function of stereo sound collection.
6. Configuration of the invention In order to achieve the above object, the present invention is
arranged on parallel wins with respect to a sound source-directivity my □ crophone group i high
on the main spindle 1 can be seen, and the output is synthesized according to the direction (,, 超,
□: j j 回 1 マ マ, マ ホ ホ, ホ オ オ オ オ オ ク ロ よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う) To try
to The configuration of an embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to the drawings. FIG. 4 shows the super-directional microphone specification time, MIC,
1 to MIC 2 n are uni-directional microphones, and the maximum l intensity direction and
direction (spindle axis) indicate the horizontal microphone specification, and n times The kidney
is divided into two, physically bent at an angle θ, and arranged in five. In the case of n-4 in the
sixth cabinet, 'show the route configuration □. □ 'Iqua' 12-L1 ca is for the ear 1-to 7 conversion
of ° H i M 1.0 1-M 108 · Confused amplifier 20. , 21 and the output at the time of stereo
specification is obtained, and the output of the superdirectivity specification 合 is obtained at 1. j)
. The operation of the above-described embodiment will be described in detail. In FIG. 4,
unidirectional micro microphones 7j1 MIC1 to MIC2 n arranged on a ridge line with respect to
the ridge, when the line micro bon is configured, the directivity of one unit □. Defined as: ill,
purely additively synthesized i, lj 'force ... (2) In the case of 2n microphones, the sensitivity in the
front direction is 2n times, and the 180 ° direction is an output The directivity can be made to
be a pan-super finger asymmetry microphone at frequencies higher than the frequency at which
90 ° direction can be dn at 0.
Also, as shown in FIG. 5, the output of the line microphone is divided into n left halves and n
right halves, and an appropriate angle θ is provided to form an x-'r stereo microphone □ phone
□ Thus, it is possible to obtain the outputs of the superdirective microphone and the stereo
microphone as shown in the example of FIG. 6 by □. As described above in the embodiment,
according to the present invention, the superdirective microphone and the stereo microphone 1
are turned off by the antenna 7 y ··· on eye
] becomes ff! jJust simply fit the situation of
that J easy 1! Since 1 can be set, there is an advantage that it is possible to carry out 2 sets of
microphones-1) with 2 sets of binarized 2) sound pickup and 1 λi, and ii). Effects of the
Invention The present invention () has the constitution as described in (B), and the effects shown
in the following -7: are exhibited 4). (1) A large number of 1 microphones (super-directive · K1:
microphones and stereo microphones) create 1 h Hj outside, and 1) ii Ctt I 'sound, aimed sound I
j: 1 □ 5 · · · I have a feeling of one place-C. (2) One Nspumse, a cost reduction by notna or 11] 1
Sich. 4.1 ′ 而 ・ ・ ・ 中, 中: 、: -11 J l 11 m 11: '/ 1: I is 1:], l * J (2) 2 碩 I mu 1 (11, 1 right
finger 1 [ Ij doo microphone block 1 ne ,: A ", 21 n J 1 place 1 eye instrument 1 brows", Figure 3
(r r conventional XY Sdereoma · f croon 1 tali, " <ず I] Tsuku L-! 1, a 4121 and FIG. In the
example, the arrangement of microphones [^-・], j ′ ′ in 1, FIG. MIC1-JS4IC2n
······························································· Adder. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio and others 1 person
Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Ssu 7 sound source "-1-------------Figure 5 6 figures / 2
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