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TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm having excellent
acoustic characteristics in the middle and high range and a method of manufacturing the same.
(B) Background of technology Although various types of speakers are used for acoustic speakers,
dynamic speakers are most frequently used among them. This type is based on the principle of
movement in the magnetic flux (conversion to sound with a diaphragm connected to a movable
coil. The material most frequently used as a diaphragm is paper, but at several hundred hertz or
more, 1E accurate conversion becomes difficult. In order to improve this, various diaphragm
materials have been studied, and it has been found that when the Young's modulus is 1 and the
specific gravity is S, the large material of 4 has excellent conversion characteristics at high
frequencies. Bc is used as the best material for this material. Beの5は50dyn 7gテある
。 (C) Disclosure of the Invention The present invention provides a diaphragm having better
performance than Be. The point of the present invention is that diamond or amorphous carbon is
used as the diaphragm material. Diamond has the highest modulus of elasticity as is well known,
14 of which reaches 30 Qdyn. However, the speaker diaphragm needs to be a pole (a thin plate,
and it is difficult to use a naturally occurring diamond wedge as a component of the diaphragm.
On the other hand, various methods have been proposed for obtaining an amorphous carbon film
having properties very similar to those of a diamond film from the gas phase, and the film
structure has been gradually clarified. Although the 11-layer measurement of Young's modulus
and density has not been realized because it is a very thin film, it may be considered the same as
zo diamond. Therefore, it is considered that if this film can be used as a 5 diaphragm as it is, a
speaker with excellent characteristics can be obtained, and the effect is obtained as described
later in the embodiment. In order to realize the present invention, a diamond or amorphous
carbon film is deposited on the surface of the substrate metal in the objective diaphragm shape,
and the substrate is dissolved, etc. using the fact that these films are extremely stable substances.
Can be removed to obtain a diaphragm of diamond or amorphous carbon. In this case, it is
preferable to use Si as a substrate, because deposition of diamond or amorphous carbon film on
Si is suitable. However, since Si itself is difficult to process, it is preferable to deposit Si or
amorphous Si on the base metal whose shape is adjusted and then deposit a diamond or
amorphous carbon film. There is no difference in the effect of vapor deposition of diamond or
amorphous carbon by any of known chemical vapor deposition (CVD), plasma 7 CVD, IBI).
The present invention will be explained by the following examples. EXAMPLE 1 A diaphragm
substrate in the shape of a speaker was formed of an Ag plate, and a diamond film of 50 .mu.m
was coated thereon by a known CVD method, and then Ai1 'was dissolved and removed with
NaOH. This film was confirmed to be diamond by electron beam diffraction. The diaphragm was
attached to a high-pitched speaker, and the output sound pressure level at a frequency of 13 Kl
(y,) was 104 dB. When Be deposition film was used for the same speaker, the output sound
pressure level was 95 ttn under the same conditions. Example 2 Si was vacuum-deposited on the
basis of a diaphragm shape manufactured at NiNi, and an amorphous carbon film was 35Pdeposited thereon by a high frequency decomposition method. The substrate was treated with
hydrochloric acid and a mixture of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid to remove only the
amorphous carbon film. This film was recognized as an amorphous film consisting of carbon and
a small amount of hydrogen by electron diffraction, AES, infrared spectroscopy and the like.
When this diaphragm was used as a high-pitched speaker, the output sound pressure level of 20
su + z was 105 dB. It was 8'7 tis on the same conditions when the vapor deposition board of 1-C
was used for the same shape subi h-. Attorney Attorney-Attorney Patent Attorney
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