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The present invention relates to the structure of one drive unit in a speaker. In general, the drive
unit of the speaker mainly comprises a magnetic circuit js material and a vibrating thread that
constitute a magnetic circuit, and the magnetic circuit member is a magnet 4 and a yoke having 1
"V and 1 · j at both ends of the magnet. The magnetic circuit 111 材 the material and the
vibrating yarn are all made of a large number of screws-they are incorporated by kneading or
bonding or the like. In particular, in the horn type speaker, it is necessary to attach an equalizer
and a throat to the speaker 組, and it is necessary to reduce the number of parts, or to lose one
screw due to vibration or shock, or loosen the screw. There's a problem. Also, whether the
diaphragm has a cone shape, a dome shape, a flat plate shape, or any other shape, whether it is
used or not, the voice coil is freed by the middle IL and part: 1. ・ There is a problem in the past
that the distortion factor is high, and the lightning effect on the sound quality, because the 1st
characteristic of the 1st, 1st round, the 1st round characteristic with the 1st round no part and
the inside and outside non-lights 11 become different. For this reason, is it also known that a
voice coil is attached to the middle part of the backmost plate, (for example, 1 Japanese Utility
Model Application No. 60-727732) to improve the characteristics of the high range with the
horn μm rispy force? There is a problem with the addition of "l" [; 1; Failure (9 J in view of the
point, the equalizer and the throat tool are connected by a rib to purchase the horn part
publication, the four peristaltic treatment is annular, the voice coil in the central part and this is
converted Ia and IIa) constitute a yarn, the inner circumference of the diaphragm is a value, an
elastic support between the air circuit unit and the equalizer, and the outer circumference is an
elastic support between the magnetic circuit member and the slot-1 · tool. I'1TtF! Assembly by
means of seven mounting screws and one mounting screw by positioning the horn part and the
pick-up yarn and the magnetic circuit member by positioning through the part side. SUMMARY
OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to obtain a speaker driving unit
having good vibration characteristics. The following is a description of the actual MIU I ('II based
on the drawings). The first drive unit 1 of the speaker is composed of a magnetic circuit which
constitutes a magnetic circuit, an oscillating thread 6 which is provided in a pair with the
magnetic circuit member l, an equalizer 4 and a throat tool 5. The magnetically resistant
'.lambda. Circuit portion 2 is composed of an annular magnet 6, and an annular yoke upper plate
7 and yoke lower plate 8 attached to both poles of the magnet. Center balls 9 which are opposed
at intervals around the circumference are continuously provided. The pick-up yarn 6 is disposed
(+ iii) between the vibration 1j <11 and + iil E − 1 = plate 7 and the jitter coil 9 and the voice coil
12 in parallel. The bobbin 16 is attached and Y-end is connected to Yj itl + & 11, and y & 11 is a
circle 1 ', ji' + · 1 ck In the village direction, it is bent into a semicircular shape of 10 而 to form a
41 ri 'I history portion 14, and the inner and outer circumferences of the ridge portion 14 are
concentrically and symmetrically with the drive portion 14 respectively. · Bent into [11 part edge
portion 15.
1 part edge part 16 is connected in a row, and an inner flash 17 for attachment is attached to the
inner and outer circumference in the history. An outer flange 18 is formed, and the inner elastic
support member 19 is attached to the inner flange 17 and the outer elastic support member 20
is attached to the outer 7 flange 18 respectively. The bobbin 16 loses to the central portion of
the semicircular arc-shaped cross section of the vibrating portion 14 (= one, whereby the
vibrating portion 14 becomes the internal vibrating portion 21. The external vibration part 221
is divided into two, and the monthly and the internal j j side movement parts 21 and 22 are
formed in an arc shape symmetrical with an inner edge 1 of the cross section H− · j ′ Iff.
Equalizer 4 is formed into a warhead shape, and throat tool 5 is formed into an internal shape 1]
that conforms to the outer shape of the equalizer 4. Internal elastic support attached to the inner
and outer circumferences of the diaphragm 11 by connecting the rib 27 to the hole member 25
from the ribs 27 at the point (FIG. 1). The member 19 is formed with an annular bearing 28.29
for receiving the external elastic support member 20 and having a notch slightly shallower than
the thickness of each elastic support member. Of course, this annular bearing is formed on the
center pole 9 and the yokes 1-1, If 7, and the lower end faces of the equalizer 4 and the throat
tool 5 may be 1 ′, or as shown in FIG. A bearing may be formed over both of the center balls 9.
60 is a straight line, and the magnetic circuit member 2, the J sliding yarn 6 and the horn portion
A 25 are fastened with the mounting screw 30, and the center pole 9 is fixed to the center pole 9.
The through hole 61 is drilled, 1 to this! ! Insert the insert screw 60 and screw it into the screw
hole 62 formed in the equalizer 4 and tighten the few-clause screw 60 to make the equalizer 4
and the throw 1 · 5 magnetic circuit part 1r, t 2 hrc Then, the inner elastic support member 19
and the external elastic support 31 ≦ 4J20 held on the inner and outer peripheral portions of
the imaging moving plate 11 are pinched and supported by the river. At the same time, the
magnet 6 and the yoke upper plate 7 are held by the throat tool 5 with the yoke upper plate 8
and the inside is made! It+ l。 The supporting member 19 and the outer bullet N +, and
the supporting portion '4: A20 also serve as an elastic seat for the above-mentioned tightening.
In the figure, reference numeral 66 denotes a horn inner cylinder in which the tip of the throat
tool 5 is tlM (= J. As mentioned above, when it is according to non-explosive 1 town, 1 辰 勅 と と
円 ボ イ ス 取 付 け 同心 同心 ボ イ ス ボ イ ス ボ イ ス ボ イ ス イ コ ラ イ ザ イ コ ラ イ ザ イ
イ コ ラ イ ザ イ コ ラ イ ザ イ コ ラ イ ザ イ コ ラ イ ザThe diaphragm is driven symmetrically
inside and out, so that the inner and outer circumferences of the moving plate are supported by
the horn member and the magnetic circuit side via the elastic support side. The occurrence of
vibration is avoided and split vibration occurs.-The rod vibration area extends to a high
frequency, the frequency characteristic and the sound quality are good, and the combination in
history (in the magnetic circuit part i) The seven free holes (which can be easily done by means
of '1 screw and through which the elastic support member, which is taken around the inner lid of
the diaphragm, is used as an elastic seat plate for fastening by the above attachment It will
double as well, due to vibration during use Sag or no thing.
Brief description of the drawings
The drawing shows the form of the actual drawing of a tree] one hundred and one towns, and
FIG. 1 is full (a (longitudinal sectional view, FIG. 2 is a slant qJi1 of the diaphragm).
FIG. 3 is a diagram of FIG. -It is a 1st elevation view in alignment with a lll-III line. 1 · · · Drive
section, 2 magnetic circuit member, 6 · · · · vibration thread, 11 · · · · · · · · · · · · · voice coil, 16 · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ········································································································································ 1 / g +
<vibrating part, 25 · · · · Horn member, 27 · · · Ribs, 60 · · · Several thread screw l Figure
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