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The invention relates to a sound direction measuring device, and in 41 relates to a device for
determining the direction of transponders, bingers or other sound sources in water. The principle
of this kind of sound direction finder is the time of sound wave to reach the receiving element!
Alternatively, the measurement is performed by the phase difference. The ζO method is
described in more detail below with reference to FIGS. 3 and 4. Assuming that the distance
between the wave receiving surface 210 of the wave receiving element is d, and the angle
between the incoming direction 22 of the sound wave and the method-23 of the wave receiving
surface is θ, two received waves are received by the A-AI having the same wave front. If the
wave receiving time difference t of the wave receiving surface of the element is expressed by dθt = □ ·········· 11 (C indicates the velocity of sound) by the wave receiving phase difference ψ,
the sound wave in the medium is λ The arrival direction # (#I FIG. 22) of the sound wave to be
calculated is as follows. If the position of the wave receiving surface 21 of the wave receiving
element is shifted by ΔX in the direction of the normal line 23 to the wave receiving surface of
the wave receiving element as shown in FIG. The second term is an error of the reception time
difference of the incoming sound wave compared to the equation (1). Conventionally, as shown in
FIG. 1, this kind of sound wave direction measuring apparatus has at least two receiving element
electrodes 11 and receiving element electrodes 12 which also function as a receiving wave
surface on one end face (13t; j leader line) Of the receiving element 1 of the independent
element), making the receiving surface flush on the same plane in order to eliminate the abovementioned error, and employing the empirical manufacturing method in assembling the receiving
element, etc. . In order to solve such a drawback, the present invention is intended to provide a
sound wave direction measuring device in which the wave receiving elements are integrated and
the divided wave fronts are preliminarily flattened to make the assembly of the wave receiving
elements easy. The invention will now be described with reference to the embodiment of FIG. The
sound wave direction measuring apparatus according to the present invention, as shown in FIG.
2, comprises a wave receiving element 1, means 2 for measuring the time difference or phase
difference of a plurality of outputs thereof, and 2,000 faces required for display from the
outputs. And an amplifier 4 for amplifying the output thereof to a level necessary for display, and
a display means 5 for displaying the output on a display, a printer or the like. Among these
elements, the wave receiving elements 1 are all finished in the same plane or a preset plane. One
electrode is provided at or near each of the received waves, and the other electrode is provided
on the reflection side of the received waves so that the other electrode can be used in common,
and a common wire is drawn out. From the three or four sets of outputs (it is sufficient if there
are at least three sets of outputs whose transfer surfaces are not on the same line.
6.) The time difference or phase difference measuring means measures 6 or 3 pairs of time
differences or phase differences by measuring a zero-crossing point interval or the like. Next, if
the device is mounted on a ship, the combining means corrects the roll and pitch angle as
received because the wave receiving element changes the direction of the ship's roll and pitch
angle UK, and further corrects the north by θ ° The purpose is achieved by amplifying the
output with an amplifier and guiding it to a display means such as a cathode ray tube display or a
numerical display, by making the signal decomposed into the true azimuth angle and the
depression angle from the horizontal plane. . As described above, the present invention has an
effect of excluding product variation due to assembly from K by using the one integrally
processed in advance when assembling the wave receiving element in the sound wave direction
measuring device.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the wave receiving element of the sound wave direction
measuring apparatus according to the conventional method, and FIG. 2 shows an embodiment
including the wave receiving element of the sound wave direction measuring apparatus
according to the present invention. And FIG. 4 are diagrams showing the principle of the sound
wave direction measuring device and the occurrence of an error.
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