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The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a diaphragm used for a speaker or
the like. In order to form a diaphragm using pulp fibers, a papermaking apparatus shown in FIG.
1 is usually used. This papermaking apparatus holds a frusto-conical papermaking mold 3 with a
fine through-hole in the entire surface between a circular storage paper making tank 1 and a
funnel-shaped aspirator 2, and a cock 4 in the lower part of the funnel-shaped aspirator 2. It has
a structure provided with Then, an appropriate amount of pulp fiber is poured into the storage
and making tank 1 together with a large amount of water, and after sufficiently stirring, the cock
4 is opened. Water in the making tank 1 falls through fine holes of the making die 3 by
attraction, and pulp fibers floating in water are deposited on the upper surface of the making die
3. The deposited pulp fiber layer contains a large amount of water, which is dried to about 100%
moisture content, and then molded by pressing and heating in a mold. Furthermore, it was a
method of cutting out an unnecessary part and obtaining a diaphragm. The present invention is a
vinyltrichlorosilane solution obtained by drying the accumulated pulp fiber layer obtained by the
oblique conventional method until the water content becomes 50% or less and dissolving it in a
mixed solvent such as methyl alcohol, acetono, methyl ethyl ketone and ethyl acetate. This is a
method of immersing in, thermoforming or natural drying, and cutting unnecessary parts by the
same method as in the conventional method to obtain a diaphragm. In the same manner, the
mixing ratio of the mixed solvent is appropriately determined in consideration of the workability
according to the work procedure or the like, and this mixed solvent is evaporated at the time of
heat molding or natural drying. Next, an embodiment using the method of the present invention
will be described. Pinylto IJ chlorosilane in a mixed solvent such as methyl alcohol, acetone,
methyl ethyl ketone, acetic acid ether, and the like. The kraft pulp fiber layer deposited on a kraft
pulp fiber mesh with a freeness of 700 cc is dried to a moisture content of 40%. Immerse in a
solution, add 0.4% by weight of vinyltrichloronene to the amount of pulp fibers, press-mold using
a mold heated to 160 ° C., and cut off unnecessary portions of this molded article Complete the
diaphragm. The physical properties of the diaphragm obtained by such a method are shown in
FIG. 2, FIG. 3 and FIG. Fig. 2 shows Young's modulus, internal loss (tan δ), density and contact
angle of water in comparison with other examples, and Fig. 3 shows deformation by moisture
resistance test in comparison with other examples. FIG. 4 shows the reproduced sound pressure
frequency characteristics when the diaphragm is used as a speaker in comparison with other
examples. Combining these physical properties, the diaphragm obtained by the method of the
present invention is a diaphragm excellent in moisture resistance and is high in efficiency due to
its small density, and its internal loss is large, so that the level of the split resonance of vibration
Since the Young's modulus is a necessary and sufficient value, it has excellent physical properties
such as being adaptable to various uses as a diaphragm in a speaker or the like.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an apparatus for producing a fibrous diaphragm
generally used, FIG. 2 is a drawing in which physical properties of the diaphragm obtained by the
method of the present invention are entered, and FIG. 3 is obtained by the method of the present
invention The figure which showed the deformation ¦ transformation and the weight increase by
the moisture resistance test of the diaphragm, and FIG. 4 shows the reproduction sound pressure
frequency characteristic at the time of using the diaphragm obtained by the method of this
invention for a speaker.
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