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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a waveform diagram of a received wave output signal of the
embodiment shown in FIG. 1, and FIGS. It is sectional drawing which shows each other Example
of. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Case, 2 ... Buffer material, 3 ... Resonator, 4 ... Piezoelectric
element, 5 ... Coupling axis, 6 ... Board ¦ substrate, 7, 8 ... Terminal, 9. 10 ... Lead wire, 11.12 ...
Weight, 13 ° 14 ... Coating layer, 15. 16 ... Resonance prevention member, 17 ° 18 ... Flocked
Detailed description of the invention Alga Kokan 11: Ultrasonic vibration that can be used to
transmit ultrasonic waves to an object and receive and detect the reflected wave reflected by the
object. Child vc%. Such an ultrasonic transducer is used, for example, in a device which opens the
door to its own -j [phi] j or in a position where it is detected that it is detected that the human
body is approaching. A large shocked squid with a vc piezoelectric reflector fitted with a vc that
has received a wave reflected from an object immediately after a child's shot with a d #
technique, and the loss of the vibration should be reduced promptly. (If IQ X 1 迅 1C logging is
present, it is possible to receive a reflected wave during a period of 70 譬 托 托 で は 托 托 で は
で は f f f f f f 、 、 、 、 、 、寄 り) -3 ^ 光 光 な な す 、 、 、 、, Real wave detection of anti-M
'J wave immediately after transmission was difficult. 11'1457 For the purpose of the present
invention, it is an object of the present invention to provide an ultrasonic transducer which is
damped immediately after the transmission of ultrasonic waves. FIG. 1 is a llFr [II] diagram of one
embodiment of the present invention. An aS material 2 such as a hard silicon rubber is annularly
fixed along the same direction to the -Il 11 part of the booth l and is h. In this case, the peripheral
edge of the resonator 3 made of a gold material such as aluminum is fixed. A substrate 6t1 of
booth material made of an edge insulating material to which the resonator 3DIjt portion and the
center [H, connecting shaft 5 of the piezoelectric element 4 penetrate and bond, thereby
connecting the piezoelectric element 4 and the resonator 3] It is fixed to another @ city, and a
pair of # 'i terminals 7.8 is fixed to this substrate 6. The piezoelectric element 4 may be lead
titanate-based porcelain, zircon-lead-based porcelain, or the like. It is electrically connected to the
child 7.8 and the piezoelectric rudder 4 by more than 9.1 tlk. The outer diameter of the resonator
3 is, for example, 21) mm in summer, and the height in the vertical direction of the resonator
30% 1 is about 5 mm, and the piezoelectric element 4 is about 7 mm in diameter and about 1
mm in diameter. Electrons 7.8 dark, for example, are supplied with 20-SOKHz- (3) 458
alternation + tjM force. The lead wire 9.10 is made of a single strand of 0.1 to (1, 15 mmφ
copper). The lead wires 9, 10 have a length of, for example, 5 to 1 Q mm. In order to prevent the
lead wire 9 o 10 from resonating, wires 11.12 are fixed to the lead wires 9, 10 respectively. The
corrosion 11.12 is made of a material such as silicone rubber, and may be, for example, a
spherical shape of l-1, 5 mm-. FIG. 2 shows the waveform of the output signal of FIG.
After driving the pressure-element 4 for the transmission time T1, G is supplied with the re-skill
signal for the remaining arrival time T2. The reverberation time T2 was reported to be reduced
to less than 2 m5 ec according to the experiment of the present inventor. In the prior art, the
remaining i-time T2 is 5m5ec5m5ec. FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of another embodiment 1h
of the present invention, in which the corresponding portions of embodiment 1 of the invention
are given the same reference numerals. In this case, the lead wires 9 and 10 have a coating of
13.14 made of vinyl or the like as a sealing. Luck (4) 459 FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of
another embodiment of the present invention. The part corresponding to the pair R1 of the above
real 1h example is attached with the same valley light. It should be noted that the lead 69. lo is
one part embedded in the loose prize material 2 which also performs movement as an antiresonance member. This also suppresses the resonance of the leads m9, 10 and shortens the
remaining winding time T2. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view of another embodiment of the present
invention. In this embodiment, it is to be noted that the lead 9.10 is encased by anti-resonance
members 15.16 fixed near the terminals 7, 8 in the substrate 6. The resonance prevention
member 15.16 is made of a foamable elastic material such as a sponge. The resonance
prevention member 15.16 may not be foamable. FIG. 6 shows the history of the present
invention (I11 face view of this embodiment). It should be noted that the lead wire 9.10 is
surrounded by the flocking material 17.18 as a resonance preventing member. The flocking
material 17.18 is fixed on the substrate 6 in the vicinity of the terminals 7 and 8. The flocking
material 17.18 consists of a nylon fiber, for example. IIt 6+; 1460 or more According to the
present invention, since the anti-resonance member is electrically connected to the piezoelectric
element and the terminal, the reverberation immediately after the transmission by the
piezoelectric element Time is reduced.
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