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Description 1, title of the invention
Electromagnetic pickup cartridge
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an electromagnetic
pickup cartridge, the object of which is to make a coil contributing to power generation an air
core and 'directly transmit a change in magnetic flux due to the operation of an armature to the
coil. Another object of the present invention is to provide an electromagnetic pickup cartridge
having good frequency characteristics, which prevents the generation of magnetostriction and
eddy current and realizes flat transmission characteristics up to Takatsuka. Heretofore, several
methods have been known as methods for obtaining flat frequency characteristics for an
electromagnetic pickup. As a typical example, as shown in FIG. 1, the arm 5 '4' ft: attached to the
other end of the cantilever 2 having the style step 1 at its tip in the longitudinal direction of the
can teleper 2, this armature 4 is an elastic material The fulcrum 3 is supported by a damper 3
made of a pair of pole pieces 6 ° 6.7. B are arranged in a common gear, tub, which form each
other. These pole pieces 6, 6 and 7.8 are connected to the yoke 15. 16. The coil 9, 10 DEG 11. 12
is connected to the pole pieces 6, 6, 7. It is wound around the connection between B and the yoke
16 ° 16. In this type of pickup cartridge, when playing a stereo record, the styler step 1
operates the armature 41 of the other end of the cantilever 2 corresponding to the signal
component of each channel EndPage: 1 of the stereo record. At this time, between the pole pieces
6 ° 8 and between the pole pieces 6 and 7, each channel east change is transmitted through the
pole pieces 5, 6 and 7.8 and the yoke j 5.16, and the coils 9 and 10 of each channel and Each of
the output terminals 13.14 of 11 ° 12! A temporal output signal can be taken out. In the case of
the electromagnetic pickup cartridge of this type, due to the frequency characteristics, the yoke
currents 1 j 5 and 16 are stacked to reduce the eddy current for the purpose of preventing the
generation of the eddy current due to the sag in the middle region. However, these pole pieces 5,
6 and 7 ° 8 and Joniques 15 and 16 are made of, for example, permalloy magnetic material, and
there is a limit to reduction in eddy current if the number of layers is made horizontal, and the
frequency due to eddy current Characteristically, it was difficult to prevent the midrange from
becoming sagging. Another disadvantage of permalloy magnetic materials is that they have a
very high loss in transmission characteristics. This high frequency loss also decreases as the
number of layers increases, but it is difficult to reduce the loss to the outside of the audible
frequency band. As shown in FIG. 2, the high frequency loss a in such a magnetic circuit is It is a
synthetic characteristic C of a magnetic circuit main body and a needle assembly which are
complemented by the vibration system of the product and apparently flat.
In order to prevent the defects of the above permalloy magnetic materials, high density ferrite
etc. is available as an alternative to permalloy magnetic materials, but since the ferrite magnetic
material itself has a large specific resistance, the generation of eddy current is considerably
reduced1. Although the transmission characteristic is 7 lat to the out of band, the magnetic
permeability is low, so the output voltage is low compared to the permalloy magnetic material,
and processing is difficult, so there is a drawback that the cost becomes very high. Another major
drawback of this type of electromagnetic pickup cartridge is the problem of magnetostriction. As
shown in the hysteresis curve of the magnetic material, in the first part where the magnetization
increases, no increase in the magnetic flux density is seen even if the magnetizing force is
intensified, and there is a part insensitive to tip vibration and a small signal There is no nearness
in the area. Also, as shown in FIG. 3, even if the portion where linearity is taken is taken as the
operating point, once magnetization is applied to the magnetic material, the material itself
becomes a permanent magnet to some extent or another, and A- The loop of B-C-4A is drawn and
changed, and there is a non-linear portion. In other words, in terms of micro and macro, in this
type of electromagnetic pickup cartridge, as long as the magnetic material is used, there is no
linearity and there is a drawback that magnetostriction occurs. The present invention provides an
electromagnetic pickup cartridge which can eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks of the
conventional electromagnetic pickup cartridge. The electromagnetic pickup cartridge according
to the present invention has 45 to 45 stereo magnetic fluxes from the armature. The magnetic
material is oriented to orient in the direction of maximum sensitivity of each channel of the
record, and the air core coil of each channel is positioned to contribute to power generation
before the flux change is transmitted to the magnetic material. And one. Hereinafter, the present
invention will be described in detail with specific examples. FIGS. 4 and 6 show an embodiment
of the present invention, in which the armature 19 is attached to the other end of the cantilever
18 at the other end of the cantilever 18 having the blade tip 17 at its tip, and two modulations of
the recording disc In the maximum sensitivity direction P1tP2 of each wall, an air-core printed
coil 22.23, around the N pole of the armature 19, an air-core printed coil, a yoke 20.21 made of
magnetic material outside the coil 22 ° 23 Orientation = For example, air core print carp castle.
In the method 23, an IC manufacturing technology is applied to deposit copper on a plastic film,
a mask is formed by a photoresist, and a coil is formed by etching, whereby a large amount of
very thin coils can be formed.
Next, the principle of power generation will be described. When the armature 19 vibrates via the
cantilever 18 corresponding to the velocity amplitude of the styler step 17 at the tip of the
cantilever 18, one pole of this armature, 9 approaches or goes away from each of the yokes
20.21, Before being transmitted to EndPage: 220.21 'in each yoke 20.21, it contributes to the
power generation to the air core printed coil 22 ° 23, and an electric output i is emitted from
each output terminal 24j5. Each magnetic flux travels through the yoke 20.21 and is returned to
the armature 19. In the 45-45 stereo 5 code, each modulation wall forms an angle i of 46
degrees with respect to the recording surface, and is 90 degrees with respect to the other gate
wall, and is recorded on each modulation wall. Assuming that one modulation wall shakes the
armature 19 in the maximum sensitivity direction P of the modulation wall according to the
recording, the magnetic flux toward the yoke 20 changes, and the air core small lint coil. A
voltage is induced at 23 and a * D output signal is output from its output terminal 26. At this
time, since parallel movement is performed with respect to the other yoke 21, there is no change
in the magnetic flux toward the yoke 21, and there is no generation of the air core printed coil
24 electrical output signal. In an actual musical tone record, the armature w 719 generates an
electrical output signal from each of the output terminals 24. 25 in accordance with the
operation of the style step 17 so that the signal separation degree without crosstalk is obtained.
A high pickup cartridge is realized. The operation is the same as in Fig. 4 and Fig. 6. As described
above, the electromagnetic pickup and yoke shown in this example are used to efficiently direct
the magnetism, and before the change in magnetic flux is sensed by the yoke, the air core is
completely formed by this change in magnetic flux. There are no vortices at all when contributing
to the launch to induce a voltage in the print coil. Therefore, flat transmission characteristics are
realized up to the very high frequency range. Moreover, since there is nothing to do with the
change of the magnetic flux density in the small signal region where the magnetic material is
released and the change of the magnetic flux density around the operating point, there is no
magnetostriction at all, and 7! In other words, it has realized an electromagnetic pickup 2
cartridge with linearity. As a result, even in the frequency characteristic, a flat magnetic circuit
and a flat needle vibration system are completed. FIG. 7 shows a specific example of the present
invention, wherein the needle assembly structure has a stylus tip 17 at one end of the cantilever
18 and an armature 19 at the other end, and the rear end of the armature 19 In order to wrap
the suspension wire 27, arrange the damper-r 2e and il.
A support pipe 28 for fixing a screw is fixed to the suspension wire 27. A suspension wire 27 to
which a support pipe 28 is attached is stretched on a sleeve 291 C which is insert-molded into a
needle knob 32 and fixed by a screw 30. On the other hand, the main assembly structure
structure has the air core print carp 2'3 and the yoke 20 on the outside in the direction of
maximum sensitivity corresponding to the respective modulation walls of the record board. The
yoke 20 is insert-molded with resin, and the resin is provided with a concave surface for
positioning the air-core printed coil 23. Therefore, the positioning is surely performed and IQ is
performed. Then, in order to prevent the influence of the external hum, the whole power
generation block is enclosed in the shield case 31, and the shield case 31 is bored with a hole for
the sleeve 29 to enter, and the substrate 33 and the terminal assembly 34 are cast While being
formed, lead wires of the printed coil 23 are soldered to the terminals 26.25 'of the terminal
assembly 34. Thus, the needle assembly structure and the main assembly structure are brought
up by fitting the needle knob 32 and the shield case 31, and the armature 19 is positioned so
that the air core print 23 is located near the N pole. There is. Although only one channel has
been described, the structure of the other channel is the same. With the support structure as
described above, the vibration fulcrum becomes clear, and even if the force in the sound groove
traveling direction is applied to the cantilever 18, the deformation of the damper 26 is small ≦
generation of intermodulation distortion harmful to sound quality To prevent The suspension
wire 27 is made of a less elastic material such as, for example, a piano 'wire, and 2eB:
Tomo to give' suspension wire 27 EndPage: 3 to have a suitable tension, 3 'screw 3 ° to sleeve
29 By fixing at the point of vibration, appropriate damping can be applied to the system in order
to obtain good various characteristics. Further, as described above, since the air core printed coil
23 is made very thin by applying the IC manufacturing technology, it is not necessary to increase
the space distance between the armature 19 and the yoke 20 even if it has multiple layers. , Has
secured a sufficient output voltage. As described above, according to the present invention, since
the magnetic flux change of the armature directly induces a voltage in the air core coil, flat
transmission characteristics are realized up to the extremely high frequency without eddy
current, and the magnetostriction in front of the right is completely eliminated. As a result, it is
possible to provide a portal magnet type pickup cartridge characterized by having a flat magnetic
circuit and a flat needle vibration system in terms of frequency characteristics as well.
4. Brief description of the drawings, Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a basic structure showing a
conventional electromagnetic pickup cartridge, Fig. 2 is a frequency diagram thereof, and Fig. 4
shows an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 6 is a front view of the basic structure, FIG. 6
is a side view thereof, FIG. 6 is a side view of a second basic structure, and FIG. 7 is a crosssectional view showing a concrete embodiment of the present invention. 17 ...... stylus step, 18
...... cantilever, 19 ...... armature, 20, 21 ... ... yoke, 22, 23 ..... air core print coils, 24, 25 ......
terminals, 2.6 ...... damper, 27 ...... suspension wires, 28 ...... charge pipe, 29 ... · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Terminal assembly. Name of agent
Attorney Nakao et al. 1 person Fig. 2 M outreach CKHx> Fig. 4 Fig. 5 EndPage: 4
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