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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The reference numerals 1 to 4 are circular when
viewed from the front. The figure is a side view of a cross section taken along a plane passing
through the central axis.
Detailed Description of the Invention This proposal relates to the construction of the microphone.
The conventional microphone has a problem in that it requires a magnet, an oscillation circuit,
and the like. The present invention aims at obtaining a simple configuration of the microphone.
The description will be made with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional side view
of the components of the microphone, comprising a circular diaphragm 1 and a coil 2 attached
thereto, and DC coils 3 and 4 fixed after that. The coils are all spider coil shaped and parallel, and
3 and 4 have gaps in the windings for sound wave passage. When direct current is flowed in the
direction of reverse (1) 126 in 3 and 4, a magnetic field (pasture) is generated near IJI motion: 1
Then, the voltage of the coil 2 generated by the interlocking of the nRa plate 1 is taken as an
exusion. FIG. 2 is an IVIM version. As described above, this consideration requires a constant
current, but it is effective to obtain a relatively high-performance microphone while the structure
is in the cylinder.
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