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Specification 1, title of the invention. 3, detailed explanation of the invention. The film 11 / is
moved along with the change of the sound pressure to generate a variable voltage between the
fixed electrode 14 and EndPage: 1 movable electrode ν. In this case, since the vibrating film 11
'is formed in a planar manner in the above-described conventional example, its directivity
characteristic can be approximated by a theoretical formula related to the directivity
characteristic of a so-called piston circular diaphragm. Because of its structure, it can not be
made less than the side loop t--25 (dB), and there is a risk that it will be inconvenient in terms of
use. For this reason, in order to solve the above problems, the applicant of the present invention
has proposed a structure as shown in FIG. That is, in this structure, the sound wave emitting hole
15 is formed in the fixed electrode 14 '. The vibrating membrane 11 'is positioned on the inner
side of the defining electrode 14' so that the value of the side lobe in the directivity characteristic
can be reduced each time the structure of the acoustic wave emitting surface is improved.
However, in such a case where the definition is made in the pole 14 'and the sound wave
emitting hole 15 is opened in the hole and the drilling wave is emitted to the air in the hole, the
fixed electrode 14'i as in the conventional example shown in FIG. The pressure is externally
applied by the spring directly from the opposite direction to the vibrating membrane 11 ', so that
there is a drawback that the sound wave can not be emitted. The non-emission B13 is proposed
in view of the above points, and the sound emission hole is opened in the definition electrode.
The single type electrostatic type of the structure that radiates the sound wave from the fixed
electrode side It is an object of the present invention to provide an electrostatic ultrasonic
transducer which can apply a pressure for stretching a vibrating membrane without any
problem. Hereinafter, the invention will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 3
shows a first embodiment of the invention. In the figure, reference numeral 1 denotes a thinwalled bottom fixed cylindrical X pole. The radiation plate 2 as the bottom plate is continuously
connected to the disk-shaped center s2a perpendicular to the axis and the periphery of the
center portion 2a, and at a slight angle (approximately 12) toward the center portion 2a in the
radiation direction of the sound wave. And a plurality of sound wave radiation holes 3 are drilled
over substantially the entire area of the radiation plate 2. A plastic film with a thickness of
several microns to addend microns, for example, a vibration group 4 made of holopropylene,
polyester, etc., is made of pine resin so as to cover the entire central portion 2a and peripheral
portion 2b. A movable 'Wi formed by vapor deposition of a metal such as Milam on the back
surface of the vibrating film 4 and a pole 5 are laminated on the bottom of the film. The chest
edge portion of the vibration a4 and the movable electrode 5 is disposed on the inner peripheral
surface of the @j plate 1a forming the cylindrical outer peripheral portion of the fixed 'electrode
1 and an alley of the membrane fastener 6a made of insulator; A bottomed cylindrical membrane
fixture 6b consisting of n% force one conductor inserted from the back surface of the first
constant electrode 1?
The vibrating membrane 4 and the movable electrode%: 5 can be vibrated in the axial direction
of the definition electrode 1. That is, at the time of assembly, the vibrating membrane 4 with the
movable electrode 5 deposited on one side is fixed between the membrane fixing tool 6a and the
membrane fixing tool 6b and fixed. It will be inserted into the inner space. Therefore, the present
invention is designed to press the membrane fixture 6b from the back side by means of the spine
7. The space 7 is between the back side of the membrane fixture 6b and the case 8 consisting of
a covering. , And apply pressure to stretch the vibrating membrane 4. In this case, the case 8 is
fixed by screwing the case 8 with a screw formed on the inner peripheral surface thereof and the
screw formed on the outer peripheral edge of the panel 1 a of the fixed electrode 1. Are
connected to pole 1 2 · · · · · · 1 · 1 inside pole 1, inserted and then back 1 to push the membrane
fixture 6b spring 7 and the case 8t-installed as described above <, Membrane in this example!
The foot odor 6-a: 6b plays a role as a gland pressing mass for pressing the vibrating membrane
4. FIG. 4 shows a second embodiment of the invention, wherein the method of fixing and
stretching the vibrating membrane 4 is different from the above-mentioned embodiment. That is,
the outer periphery of the fixed electrode 1 is formed to be shorter than in the case of the abovedescribed embodiment, and the outer peripheral end of the side plate 1a protrudes outward in
the horizontal direction 7, Flange 1b is formed. And, the vibrating flange EndPage: 240
peripheral part where the movable electrode 5 is vapor-deposited on one side is the flange 6a ′
′ of the cylindrical film fixture 6a ′ having the same flange / ring 6a ′ ′ and the 7 flanges 1b
of the fixed electrode 1 And is crimped and fixed by a caulking tool 9 in a state of being
sandwiched therebetween. The rounded tip of the bottomed cylindrical film pressing tool lO
abuts on the inside of the peripheral edge of the vibrating membrane 4 fixed in this manner, and
the back surface of the film pressing tool 10 is vibrated & 4'ff A: The spring 51 for pressing is
positioned. The spring 7 functions also as a case between the film pressing tool lO and the case,
and between the spring identifying tool 8 'whose outer peripheral portion is coupled with the
peripheral end of the film fixing tool 6a "via an appropriate fixing means. It is arranged and in
this way the 4 is tensioned on the vibration. The first one. In the second embodiment, an
electrical signal is transmitted to the movable electrode 5 through the spring 7 and the
membrane fixture 6b or the membrane pressing device 10; The other is added directly to the
fixed electrode 1. FIG. 5 shows a third embodiment of the present invention. In this embodiment,
the vibrating membrane 4 is held at its peripheral portion by 7 flanges 6a ′ ′ and 6b ′ ′
provided respectively to the cylindrical membrane fastener 6a # / and the bottomed cylindrical
membrane fastener 6b ′. In the closed state, crimping is defined by the crimping tool 9.
Then, in the illustrated state, a bottomed cylindrical fixed% pole, 1 is inserted on the upper
surface side of the vibrating membrane 4 so as to press the vibrating membrane 4. The fixed
electrode 1 is formed to have a diameter slightly smaller than that of the membrane fixing tool 6
/, 6b ', and a 7-range 7c projecting horizontally outward on the radiation surface side of the
outer peripheral surface is formed. 1c and the fixed electrode 1 outer peripheral surface and the
membrane fixture 6a # 'The spring 7' is disposed in the chamber defined by the inner
circumferential surface, and the cross section of the spring fixture 11 is a membrane fixture 6a
//// And the spring 7 'is contracted inside the chamber by being fixed by being screwed onto the
diaphragm, and in this case the diaphragm 4 is pressed and stretched via the fixed electrode 1
which also functions as a film pressing tool. There is. According to the electrostatic ultrasonic
transducer of the above-mentioned non-lighting light, a vibrating film having a movable
electrode is disposed on the back side of the fixed electrode in which the sound wave emitting
hole is bored. Since the vibrating membrane is configured to be pressed through the membrane
pressing tool that is pressed by the spring, the fixing is not blocked in the electrode so as not to
block the sound wave emitting hole. It can be stretched.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 The company 靜 超 超 従 来 従 来 従 来 は は は 超 超
超 超 超 超 べ く べ く べ く べ く べ く べ く べ く 、 FIG. 3 is a first embodiment of the
electrostatic ultrasonic transducer according to the non-invention, FIG. 4 is a second embodiment
according to the company rule, and FIG. 5 is a third embodiment of the same. 1 · · · · · · · · Fixed
electrode, 2 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · vibrating membrane, 5 · · · possible At
pole, 6a. 6 / / 6a / / / ... · · ·-membrane fixtures, 6a ", 6a" · · · · · · · · 72 square, 6b, 6b '· · · · · ·
membrane fixtures, 6b "· · · ... 7 lunge, 7 ...... spring% weighing applicant Matsushita Electric
Works, Ltd. EndPage: 3 '/! '1' 6 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure EndPage: 4
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