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Description 1, title of the invention
Structural material for acoustic equipment and method of manufacturing the same
The present invention relates to a novel structural material for acoustic equipment having
improved acoustic characteristics and a method of manufacturing the same. In general, materials
used for structural materials for audio equipment, for example, turntables for record players,
turntable sheets, spacers for blanks, stabilizers for recording disks, etc. The internal loss against
is large and does not damp the vibration quickly)), 5, ')% 25; is required. In recent years, as a
material that has improved the above-mentioned properties, rubber or resin mixed with metal
powder or inorganic filler to increase rigidity and specific gravity, or metal bonded to resin such
as EndPage: 1 as a composite material, Or. Many materials such as sintered metal powder have
been proposed. However, these conventionally known materials have difficulty in making internal
loss uniform in the frequency range of +5000 Hz or less, and even in the case of a composite in
which sheets are overlapped, the characteristics of uniform loss are different because the internal
loss varies depending on the sound transmission direction There is a drawback that can not be
obtained. On the other hand, Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 55-151117 discloses a
material composed of a ceramic sintered body mainly composed of alumina powder or silicon
carbide powder, but it is very high for sintering of the raw material of these ceramic materials. It
is economically disadvantageous because it requires treatment at temperature. As a result of
repeated researches for the purpose of obtaining a new structural material for acoustic
equipment which overcomes the drawbacks found in the above-mentioned conventional
materials, the present inventor fused the non-metallic and / or metallic particulates to the
particulates. It has been found that a composite formed mainly of glass and / or glass sera and a
mixed skeleton having a large pore size and communicating pores having a large pore size
exhibits extremely excellent acoustic properties and has made the present invention.
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